Somersby unveils Sparkling White Cider inspired by White Wine

March 24, 2019

Malaysia the first to launch this refreshing semi-sweet cider outside of Europe, a revolutionary cider by Malaysia’s No. 1 Cider – Somersby

Somersby unveiled its latest product innovation, the Sparkling White cider, to complement its other elegant pink Sparkling Rosé. This golden hued semisweet cider is full of tingling live bubbles and exhibits a fruity white wine aroma. Malaysian cider lovers are the privileged ones to first savour this new sparkling cider in Asia, outside Europe. Suitable for different occasions as an aperitif, Somersby’s Sparkling White offers the same flavours and structures of white wine and keeps the familiar refreshment you can expect from Somersby. 

Wine and cider lovers can now enjoy Somersby Sparkling White, a bubbly cider that has a sophisticated personality which is less sweet, without a hint of acidity. Because it is easy on the palate, this bubbly aperitif is the perfect alternative to wine or champagne, and pairs well with seafood, white meat, ham and cheese. 

Dressed in style, Managing Director Lars Lehmann said: “Somersby, the No.1 cider in Malaysia, is again leading the category with its latest innovation– Sparkling White to drive excitement and consumption. It is a refreshing semi-sweet cider full of tingling live bubbles with a fruity white wine aroma. This product innovation has the best of both worlds – the refreshment of a cider combined with the taste of white wine”. 

To introduce its latest innovation, Somersby ‘wined’ and dined guests to a night of gold and glitter blush at The Majapahit @ Marc Residence, KLCC. Ambiance decorated in glittery gold and LED lights created a stunning effect of elegance to capture the perfect mood. 

Guests were served chilled Somersby Sparkling White in an elegant stemmed glass throughout the night paired with a smorgasbord of delicacies made up of oyster, shrimp, cold cuts, cheese and a selection of crusty bread. And for that right mood, guests were entertained to a variety of jazz numbers by a classy jazz band. 

This crisp and refreshing bubbly now joins Somersby’s other variants like Apple, Blackberry, Elderflower Lime and Sparkling Rosé, expanding Malaysia’s No.1 cider variety.

The Somersby Sparkling White is available in single bottle or 4-bottle pack in major supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected pubs, bars and restaurants. Somersby Sparkling White retails at a similar price point to other Somersby variants. It is best consumed chilled in a bucket and savoured in a wine glass for that elegant experience. 

Learn more about the newest member of the Somersby family on or  

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