Review: Kiehl's x Bannecker Ultra Facial Cream and Ultra Facial Toner

December 24, 2018

Christmas has come early this year because I got the newest Kiehl’s 2018 Holiday limited edition product designed in collaboration with Andrew Bannecker. Thanks to Mr Hoo who always pampering me and my face. Let's have some introduction of my new favourite products from Kiehl's, which are the Ultra Facial Toner and Ultra Facial Cream

Ultra Facial Cream in this collection, available in 3 surprise designs, and I got this design from Mr Hoo. He knows my skin and me so well because I own a very dehydrated dry skin especially during winter. As for this jar of cream, it is a light-textured daily facial hydrator that brings comfort to the skin while leaving it well-balanced. The formula also allows for 24-hour hydration and reduces moisture loss. Yes, it does protect my skin throughout the day.

Inspired by the Ultra Facial Cream, the Ultra Facial Toner is a mild yet effective toner. It helps to refine surface texture that will not over-dry or strip skin of its natural oils. Never have this mild toner before, love this toner so much as it can gently remove surface debris while hydrating and comforting my skin. 

Thoughts after use:
This Ultra Facial Toner is great as it doesn’t leave a residue behind. It doesn’t make me breakout, which is important because I have hormonal acne on my chin. I have dry skin and it really helps add moisture back into my skin without making me super oily in my t-zone. I feel like my moisturizer penetrates more deeply into my skin since I’ve started using this toner. Highly recommend.

As for the Ultra Facial Cream, I have used several moisturizers over the years to find one that would moisturuze my skin without having pores clogging issue, and most importantly will not causing further acne. This cream does not cause breakouts and amazing even for my skin. I apply more on my dry areas (cheeks) which helps in smoothing my skin from tiny bumps. I use less around my nose and chin where I would produce more sebum naturally. It is so hydrating but isn't sticky or greasy. It can be absorbed very quickly as well. It doesn't irritate my skin with fragrance or toxic ingredients. Life saver I would say and definitely will repurchase. Thanks all for today, xoxo. :)

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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