Review: Swissvita Mircrite 3D All Use Skin Serum

August 18, 2018

Due to my very stressful life and bad habits, I'm having not so serious-acne-problem but still consider serious to me recently! Why am I so careless to make my skin condition became this worst? Blame myself for the bad eating habits, lack of sleep, etc. I wish that I could reduce the pimples/ acne and make all my acne-scars "disappear" forever now! I got this serum last year, and I'm quite satisfied with its effects. Introducing Swissvita Mircrite 3D All Use Skin Serum - A 7 days multi-use intense serum that reduces dullness of skin and bring back radiance by providing intense moisture. Also, 21 days to a luminous and hydrated skin. Interested? Let's continue to discover this plump, fresh, and lightweight all use skin serum now!

Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Skin Serum Details:
By : Allyoung International
From: Made in Taiwan.

Weight : 50 g.

Colour: Pinkish-yellow.
Where to buy : Exclusively on
Price : RM 150

1. Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm. 
2. Apply and gently massage on your face.
*Use twice a day. Recommended to use daily. 

Enriched with Glycyl-LHistidyl-LLysineVitamin B12, and AC-11 Cat's Claws Plant ExtractSwissvita Micrite 3D All Use Skin Serum helps to stop aging without drying out your skin. Also, this serum provides a 6-in-1 function that helps to treat your skin concerns, such as:
  • Smothness
  • Moisturization
  • Luminosity
  • Anti-sensitivity
  • Wrinkle ridding
  • Elasticity

Thoughts after use:
I have tried this serum few months already, I can actually feel my skin is deeply hydrated, luminous, and more uniform but it will not be oily or sticky. Yeapp, it's light and easily to be absorbed (thumbs up for this!) and delivered deep hydration so my skin looks radiant and regenerated with a natural healthy glow. Highly recommended to those who owns oily skin, but for me, I still prefer some serums that could be more hydrated and moisturized as I really have that type of dry skin that you can't imagine. Oily face peeps! Hurry to allyoung website and start pampering your face today! 

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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