LDR #5: Tips to make a long-distant relationship works

July 21, 2018

Hey peeps! I'm back with a long-distant relationship post. Well, in every long-distant relationship, you and your partner will eventually asking yourself, "Why are we doing this?" The pain and struggle is real. After these few months of long-distant relationship with Mr Hoo, I can finally conclude that things work, long-distant relationship works, at least for us, it works.

Here's a few tips for you if you are going to have this type of relationship too.

1. Be Consistent with Communication
Well hey, if you do not know already, Mr Hoo and I will video-call every single night. Yes, every day, not only the daily "Good morning" and "How's life", but also the small talk, share everything and anything with each other, what had happened around us, and of course talk about stupid little things. This is how we maintain our relationship, and we thought communication was one of the most important factors in making LDR works. 

Listening to your partner with follow-up questions and providing solutions (This is how Mr Hoo always do for me). Be honest and do not lie to each other. Video-call is the key, because it will not be like the normal text that does not contain any emotions that will usually make misinterpretation and miscommunication. Make this be part of your life even if you're thousands of kilometers away, trust me, this works. :)

2. Visit Each Other Whenever Possible
Shorter one will do because we have to be realistic, we have our own career that need to be take care of, and not everyone has that time to really spend with each other. Just make sure you visit each other whenever you can! Even just for a day or a weekend, it will be more meaningful and appreciate the time that you spent with him/her. I know there are many couples out there in a different time-zone LDR that's harder than us, I hope you guys can really visit your partners whenever possible. Just think of it as a test instead of seeing this as a burden.

Yeap, I know the flight tickets are expensive, I know. But it's worth it. Just imagine you can finally see him, hug him in the real world, he then wakes you up with a kiss, snuggle and cuddle up each other every day. I wish I could have this life real soon, but not just a few days. Greedy huh? :p

3. Have Future Plans and Work It Out Together
What if we marry? What if we have children? Am I the one who have to sacrifice and leave my country? Or maybe he is the one who sacrifice?  You have to go through all these challenges with your other half together because a relationship won't survive if it's a long-distant relationship FOREVER. Eventually, you will need to live in the same city. So, remember to have the same goal and future plans and try to make it happen, this will give your relationship a "future".

In conclusion, just experience life in all possible ways, no matter it's good or bad, sweet or bitter. Don't be afraid of having a long-distant relationship and you will find that things will naturally fall into place. :)

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