LDR #3: Are Long-Distant Relationships Healthy

May 04, 2018

It was fate that brought us together, we met each other in the most unexpected way possible, or maybe it's just me or what, I thought this was an unbelievable love story that I never think that this gonna work, but it works magically. I remembered the first time we wet, he already bought me roses and gifts. Crazy right? He's not that type of stereotypical male, I mean, most Asian male are almost the same man-type (Wait, am I stereotyping now?) who think we, as a woman, we should have all the women's duties such as laundry, household chores, etc just because we are women. Well, I was always be insulted for not earning more in my last relationship (And thanks GOD, I'm quite okay and financially stable and earning more than the man who insulted me before).

Back to Mr Hoo now. He's my partner, lover, and companion. I love how we small talk every single night. AND of course, I respected his decision to work oversea, hence we are now in a long distant relationship which I never thought I will have one before. But I do, I do worry about future. We are now do not have any problems because we are not married yet. What if we marry? What if we have children? Am I the one who have to sacrifice and would I be able to get a job at there, in Hong Kong? Or maybe he is the one who sacrifice and find a 9-to-5 job in Malaysia? Be realistic. Adulting sucks. To be honest, we are not a kid anymore, sometimes I wish I'm the crazy rich Asian and just live happily ever after with him without all these challenges. 

So could a long-distant relationship be bad for your health? Instead of saying this could affect my health, I would say this is all about effort of maintaining long-distant relationship such as time and money-consuming. Yeap, first of all, we have to sacrifice our time to contact each other every day so that we could have that little sweet small talk (but we usually video-call more than 2 hours) and I don't know why we can talk this much. And hell ya, we have to plan when's the next time we could meet each other and we take this thing seriously as we are now in a LDR. Besides, we have to spend a little extra because we need to purchase the expensive flight tickets if we want to really meet each other, but not inside the phone (Any Airlines wanna sponsor me the flight tickets?). The funniest part about LDR is that we could not fly together, sounds bad right? Yeap, everthing should have done by yourself. Go to the airport alone, take the planes alone, sit next to some strangers, and arrive at the destination yourself. However, the mood of waiting-for-your-loved-ones-to-arrive in the airport could be weird and complicated, it might be lonely but it's full of excitement and extremely happier than anything else when you finally see him/her. Tears drop uncontrollably when you gonna say goodbye to him/her again AND be excited about our next meet.

Long-distant relationship is not that great right? 
But, everything's great, with him. 

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