Review: suddenbe Sonic Purifying Cleansing Beauty Brush

April 24, 2018

Morning peeps! I guess you guys know how important it is to cleanse our face every day already! However, I will be "extra-cleanse" my skin every night to remove make up, impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil on my face. Introducing the NEW suddenbe Purifying Cleansing Beauty Brush - A multi-functional 3-in-1 beauty machine that helps in face cleansing, skincare absorption, and make up application. Just imagine waking up with your natural and beautiful skin from within, you can clearly know how it works: increases your skin's radiance, enhances your skin tone, makes it smoother, moisturized, and healthy glow.

With 18,000 times sonic vibration per minute, it enables deeper penetration to cleanse clogged pores for brighter complexion. The particle is 10x finer than skin pores. As for the synthetic sponge, you can use it as your skincare or make up applicator. Just put appropriate amount of your favourite skincare (serum/ or moisturizer) or make up products (liquid foundation) and apply on your face in a circular motion will do. However, I would recommend to use this synthetic sponge to do a better skincare absorption rather than the make up application as it will look dirty and I prefer to have better skincare application.

suddenbe Sonic Purifying Cleansing Beauty Brush Details:
By : Allyoung International
From: Made in Taiwan.

Weight : 189 g.

Colour: Sakura Pink.
Others: Comes with a protective cover, radiance synthetic sponge, and a base stand.
Where to buy : Exclusively on
Price : RM 499

1. Wash your face and the brush with luke warm water.
2. Choose your favourite cleanser to work with it.
3. Switch "ON" suddenbe beauty brush and "brush" gently over your face in a circular motion.
4. Wash if off again and you're ready to go!

*You can select the speed level by its up/down button.

Thoughts after use:
I love how it works magically on my face, deep cleanse while getting rid of my blemishes without causing dry and tight skin. Usually, I will use this brush together with Swissvita Micrite 3D Cleanser Cream whenever my skin looks dull, and it feels rejuvenated, smooth and dewy after each use. I would say this cleansing duo have been my skin go-to everyday. By the way, it needs two AA battery and this product does not contains batteries. Hurry to allyoung website and start pampering your face today! 

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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