Review: Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm

February 08, 2018

Introducing Mentholatum’s NEW Lip Crayon Lip Balm that serves not only as a lip enhancer, but also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture! 

Whether it’s for an everyday look or for a special occasion, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is just the right pick for you; all you need is only an easy glide to instantly transform lips into a glowing healthy, pink and moisturised looking lips.               
Function simultaneously as a lip crayon and lip balm, the all-new Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is formulated not only to add a subtle pop of colours to the lips, but its moisturising properties also ensure that lips remain moisturised throughout the day. Contrary to any other ordinary lip crayons, this Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is ultra-moisturizing as it is infused with moisturising ingredients that include the Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil to help hydrate, nourish and protect lips, leaving lips smooth and hydrated even after long hours of application.  

Lip Crayon Lip Balm Details:
By : Rohto-Mentholatum.
From: Made in Japan.

Weight : 3 g.

Colour: 4 Shades.
Others: Contains Argon Oil and Meadowform Seed Oil.
Where to buy : Available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price : RM 19.90

Application Tips to achieve your desired lip color effect: 

- One glide: Sheer Soft Color
- Two glide: Vibrant Tinted Color
- Three glide: Intense Bright Vivid Color
To obtain a fuller and more plumped-up look, be sure to glide on extra layers at the bottom centre of the lips.  

Designed to enhance your overall makeup look, the latest Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm comes in four different gorgeous pink shades to suit different skin tones. With just a simple glide, this super nourishing lip crayon instantly gives you a truly beautiful, sheer and soft lip colour.

Thoughts after use:
Unlike other skin care, lip balm is something that I need to apply like everyday, anywhere, and when I need it. It is a must for me that save me from having chapped lips. Moisturized as it stated. However, I'm kind of not satisfied with the colour itself. If you don't know already, I, myself, love something more vibrant and not the low profile kind of people. Thus, it is a good lip balm as it stated, I definitely will apply on my lips in order to protect my chapped lips, then I will apply other lipsticks on it. Yes, just to make sure my lips are gorgeous and have colour as the colour not that obvious as you can see on the above photos. 

For me, I will purchase the darkest and the most intense vibrant colour only (which is the #01 Shade) so that I can just apply it if I'm in a hurry, and apply one more layer of my favourite lipstick to have my lips done. Well peeps, hurry to any of the sales outlets and start pampering your lips today! 

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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