Apple Fox Cider – Our New Great-Tasting Apple Cider in Town

August 24, 2017

While everyone’s holding their cider in their hands, Heineken Malaysia is introducing a new cider – Apple Fox inspired from New Zealand. Heineken Malaysia brings this New Zealand-inspired apple cider to ripple your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, made from only good and fresh orchard apples. Yes, orchard apples.

By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard – Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge.

Aside from delivering the instant crisp and refreshing taste, complemented by its 4.5% ABV, Apple Fox has a special introductory price from RM5.80 per can offered for a limited time.

Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia Berhad, Loh Ee Lin explained, “Globally a growing number of consumers are discovering the appeal of cider, and we strive to present the best ciders that fulfils this demand. Apple Fox complements our cider portfolio, offering the best secrets of cider making at attractive pricing for everyone to enjoy.”

Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox is perfect in creating a distinct and smooth drinking experience when served over ice, as it uses the best-kept secrets of cider making. The fox has been known to sneak into orchards to hunt for delicious, juicy apples. Apple Fox is stepping in using our wily friends' favourite fruit to craft great tasting apple cider. You can have the Fox on a weekday after working hours, or probably enjoy the Fox with friends and family, anytime, anywhere.

I know everyone has that FOX personality that wants to try this Apple Fox. Fret not as the new Apple Fox is available from August 2017, in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles from hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores as well as bars, pubs and restaurants. No worries, peeps on EM, you can enjoy the Fox very soon as it is going to penetrate into EM on September!

Keep updated by following Apple Fox Cider’s Facebook PageApple Fox Instagram Page @AppleFox_MY or visit their official websiteDon’t forget to #WhatTheFox and #AppleFoxCider while enjoying a Fox with your friends!

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