Tips: 5 ways to have better skin

July 31, 2017

Come on peeps it's the very last day of July, don't you feel like wanna hang out with your friends, your crush, your boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues with a healthy and glowing complexion? Please show some love to the biggest organ in your body with these simple lifestyle tweaks that you can fit seamlessly into your skincare routine. This can make you feel more confident, trust me.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Healthy diet to have a better skin. Many vegetables have skin-boosting properties. For instance, beta-carotene (in carrots, red peppers and leafy greens) protects skin against collagen loss and sun damage while lycopene (in tomatoes) improves skin colour and fights age-inducing free radicals.

2. Don’t wait to moisturise

Well-hydrated skin is happy skin, and you’ll want to seal in as much moisture as possible to keep it that way. Dewy, plump, and more youthful are the reasons for you to drink ton of water!

3. Work up a sweat

All thanks to the beta-endorphins your body creates when you are doing exercise. Working out helps you stay fit and calm, it can flushes out toxins, giving you healthy and happy skin. It also increases your lung capacity, gives you a strong heart and more energy. 

4. Shield up

The sunlight is good for you, but we have sunny climate in our country that means more exposure to UV rays and higher chances of sunburn. Who wants dark spots and wrinkles on our skin right? Prevent premature skin ageing by applying generous amounts of sunscreen before you leave your home each day. 

5. Take a minute to relax

Just... Space out. And your skin is ready to go!

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