123/365: First friend in university?

May 03, 2017

This is definitely Ting Hui, a tall Sitiawan girl, like 176 cm?
Well, I think I can't forget how tall she is and how clever she is.
She is the one who has her own thoughts but seldom speaks out.
Just like me, but I'm that kind of I-don't-give-a-fuck-girl.
That's why I like her, so charming, just the way she is.

And yes, thanks to Bobby, I knew him like one year ago.
But he can rescue me and give me power sometimes.
Comm Law test tomorrow and he let me see his Business Law test today.
To see how the exam paper or exam format looks like.
Thanks anyway my best friend, I will try my best for tomorrow's test.

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Wishlist 2017

♥ Back to 45kg
♥ Dental: Teeth Braces / Whitening
♥ Gadgets: GoPro Hero5 / HUAWEI P10
♥ Thomas Sabo Bracelet
♥ Vacation: UK / Europe