Review: Neutrogena New Happy Skin 24/7 Deep Clean Range

April 11, 2017

How long has it been since I last wrote about skin care review? As you guys know I'm always giving detailed reviews and opinions because people used to google to find out about product reviews every day before making a purchase, especially in this era of technology. Selfie with the products is a must, but not too many right - especially those without content is not really a role model. After I agreed with Neutrogena Malaysia to try out their deep clean facial cleansing products, I felt quite curious and excited towards these three products. But a cleanser is a cleanser, right? Don't they all do the same job? Hardly. In today’s post, I will give you guys my two cents about which facial cleanser made my face squeaky clean - without leaving my skin feels like my chapped lips. Just kidding peeps! Aha! Which facial cleanser will be my No. 1 out of these three Neutrogena facial wash products? Continue to read my post then!

We can't skip this step: Cleanse your face

When it comes to the art of face washing, I take it pretty seriously as I know the first and the most important step of skin care out of entire skin care routine is definitely cleanse my face. If not, it could result into clogged pores, acne, and many other unwanted obstacles that will keep you from a clean and clear face.Thus, I used to select my skin care products carefully, especially face wash. Washing your face in the morning not only gives you that refreshed look, but also make your skin awake so that you can continue to pamper your skin with other skin care products. As for the evening or night, we wash the day off of our faces, removing all traces of makeup, as well as any dirt and excess oil.

I’m pretty sure there is a list of face wash products formulas for all different skin types, from sensitive to anti-acne to combination to dry to oily and even those products that we haven’t hear it before. You can choose from bar soaps, mild or deep facial cleansers. Exfoliating, foamy or any other types of face washes, you name it,  there are more than 100 brands in the market. Um, all thanks to Neutrogena Malaysia, I got this chance to try three of them, I mean, three different deep clean facial cleanser that have different functions and give me my best skin, every day.

Moving on the products, I tested them in different ways from cleansing power to exfoliating power to scent to dermatologist test and even the texture of the products. 

Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 Deep Clean Cleansers: The Products

1. Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam, 142 ml. (RM 44.90)

Dual-transformation process (transform from oil-gel-cream-soft foam) can be effective and gentle on skin and easily rinsed off, leaving no residue and helping skin clean and healthy.

2. Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub, 100 g. (RM 23.70)

Helps to effectively eliminate blackheads from the very first use, and prevent their returns, for clear and healthy looking skin.

3. Deep Clean Hydrating Foaming Cleanser, 100 g. (RM 21.70)

Provides effective cleansing with 99% impurity removal and double the hydration power to leave skin looking clean and supple.

Which cleanser makes me feel great?

While testing these three products, I thought a lot about what I ultimately want since they have their own different function and target on different skin problems. My wishlist:

1. It rinses away easily. 
2. It cleanses my make up effectively.
3. It smells good.
4. It does not leave my skin feeling dry, tight, or irritated. 

The overall thoughts:

Straight to the point, I love all the three cleansers, but I will take Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam as my favorite because it matched with the wishlist that I have mentioned above. 

I knew all of them have the same cleansing power, but when it comes to removing make up. Yes, this is my main concern. That is why Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam wins my heart. It transforms from oil to gel to cream to soft foam which makes me feel a big "WOW" on its amazing transformation. 

My problem with most cleansing products is either they are too dry for my skin, or the cleansing power is not that strong for my face. The texture of this Oil to Foam Hydrating Cleanser is rather easy to use when water is added. It eliminates make up really well, even mascaras, sunscreens, and eyeliners (Oleifera Leaf Extract works well here)! Everything off of my face and I am left with clean, dirt-free skin that feels smooth, soft, and supple (Cucumber Extract works well here) after each use. 

One of the best way to wash your face is to do a double cleansing routine, which usually consists of a first cleanser (oil cleanser) and a second cleanser (foam cleanser). This Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam gives me the ultimate 2-in-1 cleanser function, no need to use the first, then the second. Time is gold, right? It saves my time! That pump is a genius design, I just need to press the pump and the liquid is ready to use (It is very convenient)!

Truth be told, you couldn't go wrong with your nose. I love its herbs scent. 

Ultimately, this Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam works well and cleanse the dirt away effectively on my dry skin, giving it a smooth and dewy texture at the same time surprisingly and I would definitely recommend it if you are in the market for a new cleanser! 

Where to buy it: All major pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for reviewing purposes. All reviews are my own 100% honest opinions.

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