Review: Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion

January 27, 2017

Our skin tends to dry up faster especially under air-conditioning, in an aircraft, or even when outdoors under the scorching hot sun. I know right, Malaysia has that kind of humid weather that makes us faced the oily and dehydrated skin problem. Most of us would carry a face mist in our bag and spray frequently to maintain a hydrated skin. While that may only be a quick fix to your problem, Hada Labo's Kiwamizu Lotion promises a lasting hydrating effect.

How cool right, a lotion like no other, it can be used as a lotion daily after face wash or alternatively as a mist to help your skin hydrated all-day long and it freshens you up instant upon application. It comes with a complimentary nozzle spray which is very convenient for use anytime, anywhere!

Hada Labo Kiwamizu Lotion Details:
From : Made in China.
Weight : 400 ml.
Color : Transparent.
Fragrant : Free of fragrances.
Colorant: Free of colorant.
Where to buy : Available exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide.
Price : 400 ml at RM 45.90 and 180 ml at RM 19.90.

Directions for use
Use daily after cleansing. Apply on palms and spread over face before patting and massaging gently to allow absorption into the skin. Also fill up the nozzle spray and carry it with you everywhere you go. Spray generously when needed. 

Blended with 6 minerals; Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Potassium (K) and Sodium (Na) and 2 Amino Acids; Arginine (Arg) and Trimethylglycine (Tmg). This lotion moisturises from inside out by re-balancing oil and water in the skin layers. Besides, the minerals help to improve and strengthen skin cells while at the same time help to cool and calm irritated skin. The Amino Acids on the other hand supply nutrients to nourish the skin and strengthens the connective tissue to keep the skin smooth and elastic. This one of a kind lotion is ideal when travelling, for outdoor activities and for a quick fix of your makeup after a long day.

Thoughts after use:
If you do not like all those heavy and sticky skincare products, Kiwamizu Lotion is your choice. I found that it is ultra lightweight with its water light texture and non-sticky formula. Applying this Kiwamizu Lotion feels like a splash of water on the face or just a regular face mist but it comes with immense moisturizing properties that will last all-day long. I love to use it as a face mist, it can effectively moisturize my skin easily as it can be applied anytime, anywhere as I mentioned earlier. This product is just so nice that gives all the "water" that your skin want but will not let you feel the stickiness. I think this product is a big yes for oily skin type too. Thus, you all should give it a try and feel it yourself. Till then, xoxo.

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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  1. I just bought this during sale at watsons because it comes with free spray bottle lol. I don't even bother to read the reviews first..So far I enjoyed using this face mist, even though it has strong smell but i can still overlook that part since it

    1. *since the price is quite affordable..definitely will repurchase this


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