1/365: My New Year's Resolutions

January 01, 2017

I can't believe that 2017 is finally here! When everyone so happy to talk about their resolutions before 2016 ends. I was like, ( ⊙ o ⊙ )! What?! 2017 is coming very soon? My brain recalls all my 2016's memories automatically, NO! Not only 2016, but the memories from last time till today, flash back all together! Yes, I realised that 2017 is finally here, it is a brand new year and a new chance for a fresh start! It's time to review my past year and set new goals for the coming one.

My All-Time-Top-5-Resolutions are always Eat healthilyLose weightLearn something newearlier to bedand be more awesome than last year! Never change beforeBe more awesome than last year? What is awesome? It cannot be measured, but you will know it when you feel it! =P Just enjoy your life NOWIt's a brand new year what, be HAPPYDon't worry so much on everything, As Joyce Meyer said, "You may not have had a good start but you can still have a good finish." As long as you know, Just trust yourselfLove yourself more and being yourself is just so nice! Accept that not everyone will like you, but you love yourself and you know that someone is love you too at least. Appreciate them and appreciate yourself.

May 2017 be another AWESOME YEAR to you all and of course to ME! ♥

Let's not look so far into the future, don't screw this awesome 2017, 
ENJOY this year NOW! Live life with appreciation and learn the lessons from your tough year! 
You will realise that everything is light when you review it back trust me.

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Wishlist 2017

♥ Back to 45kg
♥ Dental: Teeth Braces / Whitening
♥ Gadgets: GoPro Hero5 / HUAWEI P10
♥ Thomas Sabo Bracelet
♥ Vacation: UK / Europe