9/365: Live longer please.

January 09, 2017

Oppss! Monday blue? Same goes to me. If you all don't know, I have a dog. She is my friend, my bestie, my sister, my everything. She is 9-year-old, and yes, dogs age much faster than humans do. She is now having her own health problems. I found that her legs can't work like they used to before. She is not that active already although she has a very good appetite. Thus, I brought her go to visit a vet clinic in the town.

The doctor said, "It's Arthritis. She still can walk because she's light." Fortunately, she's not that heavy. They told me arthritis is the most common health issue (they called it inflammation of the joints) in older dogs. So if you own a dog, you will probably have to deal with it some day.

She is now constantly have her medicine everyday.
She is quite okay now. Baby, live longer please.

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Wishlist 2017

♥ Back to 45kg
♥ Dental: Teeth Braces / Whitening
♥ Gadgets: GoPro Hero5 / HUAWEI P10
♥ Thomas Sabo Bracelet
♥ Vacation: UK / Europe