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October 01, 2016

Did you know that Malaysians are never getting enough calcium from their daily food intake? As for me, I am the one who love to drink milk like almost everyday, but but but... Can I get enough calcium from milk or dairy products? Who knows right? Maybe that's what the commercial has said for years. Have I really sat down and thought about what milk actually does for my body? NO. Well, it's time for us to find out the benefits of milk right now!

We need additional energy to kick start our day, thus, breakfast is very important to take out our body from catabolic mode to metabolic mode. I used to blend banana with milk as my easy breakfast every morning because they can provide me with that energy. Banana is good in carbohydrate and potassium while milk has appropriate amount of carbohydrate with proteins and fats that needed by our body.

"After about 8 to 12 hours from your last meal, a glass of milk provides the nourishment your body needs in the morning to regulate itself," said Ashlee Ng, Marketing Director of Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad.

I believed that you guys have seen my Dutch Lady PureFarm Milk 7-day Breakfast Challenge photos on my Instagram already. What?! Not yet? Then, you can follow me now at @colney on Instagram to follow my updates.


Why milk?
1. Milk is one of the BEST sources of calcium for our body.
2. Milk is filled with Vitamin D that helps the body absorbs calcium.
3. Proper calcium intake contributes to strong and healthy bones.
4. Drinking milk provides other benefits like healthy teeth, rehydration, and improves vitamin intake.

Calcium is one of the minerals that the body needs on a daily bases. Milk have the best reserves of calcium. This is why one glass of milk is a must. The rich calcium content in the milk is best suited to the bones and the teeth. Also, milk has been known to have beauty secrets for making the skin glow and seem youthful.

1 glass of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk contains 275 mg calcium. In short, 2 servings of milk a day helps to meet your nutritional requirement; and 1 serving at breakfast can provide 200 mg of calcium to jump start your daily nutritional intake. However, 49% of Malaysian children do not get enough calcium and the average calcium intake among Malaysian adults is below 50% the recommended nutrient intake. Thus, a balanced breakfast paired with milk is the perfect match in order to help our body regulate itself after an overnight fast with their Manganese, Phosphorus, Selenium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamin C, D, A, and B.

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