Review: LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack_EX

November 20, 2015

If you don't know already, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack has undergone its transformation since it was first launched in 2002. From Water Sleeping Pack, Water Sleeping PLUS to the newest Water Sleeping Pack_EX in 2009, it has improved its moisturizing and brightening effect. Thus, I fall for this product when I first used in the year of 2010. However, it's not a new product as LANEIGE has its all new Water Sleeping Mask in 2015.

Some of them said that the new version of Water Sleeping Mask is more moisturized and less stickiness. However, I still prefer Water Sleeping Pack_EX as it really gives my super-dry-skin that moisturizing effect that I need the most.

Water Sleeping Pack_EX Details:
Weight : 80 ml

Colour: Tifanny-blue.
Fragrant: Flower fragrances.
Functions: Brightening and Moisturizing.
Others : Sleepscent

Price : RM 110.00

How to use:
1. Use appropriate amount of product, mark on nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and chin area.
2. Feel the scent for about 3 seconds.
3. Spread over the face and neck gently.
4. Go to sleep and that's it. (Ne need to rinse off.)

(p/s: Use once/ twice per week.)

Thoughts after use: 
In terms of packaging, Water Sleeing Pack_EX is in a 80 ml glossy tub with rounded body which I prefer this cute, simple, and sleek design than the newest packaging. The Tiffany-blue colored gel makes me more relaxing while using it. LOL. It is really pretty with this colour. Besides, it has a flower kind of comfortable scent which I feel so relax whenever I apply it on my face. LANEIGE claims that their aromatic essence compound called Sleepscent can help us to relax our mind and body to promote a good night sleep. That cooling and soothing effect are really a must for my tired face. Also, I did not feel any stickiness after each apply and always feel so moisturized and dewy on the next morning. Thus, I highly recommended this sleeping pack to you all who would like to have a moisturized skin everyday. If you want me to say some cons, hmm.. It is expensive. Although it is a bit pricey, every application of this sleeping pack is a bliss, so, what do you waiting for? =

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