Event: KIX HD's R U Tough Enough Final Showdown

June 06, 2016

R U Tough Enough brand ambassadors Linora Low and Keith Foo.

Hey peeps! KIX HD brought back R U Tough Enough, a nationwide search for the Toughest Malaysian who will win a cash prize of RM30,000. R U Tough Enough returns with a twist on this awesome 2016 - challenging Man against Woman with the Man Versus Woman Edition and two new brand ambassadors, Keith Foo and Linora Low at LG2, Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid, on last Saturday (4th June 2016).

At the final showdown on Saturday, Keith led Team Keith while Linora led Team Linora to undergo an indoor obstacle course testing their physical and mental limits to determine who is the toughest among them. To be exact, #TeamLinora and #TeamKeith had to compete among themselves in a 6-stage obstacle course. The Toughest Woman (Michelle) from #TeamLinora and the Toughest Man (benny) from #TeamKeith then went head-to-head in the final round of challenges to determine who will be Malaysia’s Toughest.

Dayang from Team Linora.

Lily from Team Linora shows Team Keith the right way to tackle barriers.

Toughest Man Benny from Team Keith secures his win with the rope challenge.

Toughest Woman Michelle from Team Linora takes on the rope challenge.

This final show unveiled the toughest Malaysian. And yes, the victor of Malaysia's toughest gender battle goes to Benny Yeoh from #TeamKeith! He managed to outdo Michelle from #TeamLinora and eight other finalists in the six stage obstacle course challenge.

From left Junaidah Khan from Astro Keith Foo, Benny, Linora Low and Shirley Cheong from KIX.

Present at the final showdown was also ambassadors, Keith Foo and Linora Low, who handed the cash prize of RM30,000 to Benny Yeoh.

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