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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: Hada Labo Air Aqua UV Day Emulsion (Moist)

Applying sunscreen is a must to give your skin a protection from the sunlight and UV light and it can be make up base also to create a perfect base of your skin. It can prevent your make up products from "touching" your skin directly. For sunscreen, I always choose the one that is hydrated enough to make sure my skin is breathable and looks light. Breathable? Yes, you see it right.

New innovative sunscreen from Hada Labo formulated with 5 UV defense system for broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB. Hada Labo claimed that this sunscreen texture is smooth and light. It comes in a white tube, looks sleek and slim as usual. Actually, this is my third bottle already, I got it from the previous event last year, and I love how it works as a sunscreen. That is why I repurchase it again and again.

There are 2 variants of this sunscreen:
1. Fresh - Oily/ combination skin (containing Sebonormine for sebum control)
2. Moist - Dry/ combination skin

Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: NEESYA Skincare Brightening Hydration Set

I know NESSYA Skincare since 2015 and it is actually one of my favourite skin care brands in Malaysia. I did not expect too much as first as I mentioned before, but I could not stop from using them now. For this Brightening Hydration Set, I have been using them more than one month already and I can say that I love how they work magically on my face. I feel more confident with their premium quality in their small bottles. Well done NEESYA Skincare! For today's post, I will do a short review on this Brightening Hydration Set from NEESYA Skincare which is my favourite skincare product of the month! Now, let me tell you more about this.

NEESYA Skincare Brightening Hydration Set:
1.  Brightening Gel Cleanser (Soap Free) - 100 ml
2.  Brightening Toner - 100 ml
3.  Illuminating Essence - 65 ml
4.  Brightening Day Cream (SPF 20) - 50 ml

Saturday, April 23, 2016

‘My Skin, My Confidence’ Campaign by Hiruscar Post Acne to Help Malaysians Break Free from Acne Scars

(From Left to Right) Ms. Low Mi Yen, a clinical psychologist, Ms. Pang Koon Yin, the Senior Manager of Marketing Management in Healthcare Consumer Health of DKSH Malaysia; and Dr. Lim Ing Kien, a dermatologist, founder of Medi-I Skin Studio.

Acne is a common worldwide skin disease that many people experience. In Malaysia, acne affects over 85% of individuals aged 12 to 24. I was suffering with acne problems after I  finished my high school studies. What "five tips for preventing acne" and "causes and treatment for acne" that stated on internet seemed like no effect on me also even I followed what they stated. Scars may develop in different forms, shapes and sizes, even the slightest scar caused by acne and dark marks may affect one's quality of life. A study by the Journal of Primary Healthcare reveals that the prevalence of facial acne is about 67.5% among adolescents in Malaysia with a rising trend of facial acne with increasing age. The study also indicates that acne is more common among male adolescents aged 13 to 18 with 71.1% boys and 64.6% girls.

For me, I think that acne or pimples may deteriorate and worsen the acne inflammation if you do not really care about it. They may lead to permanent scarring resulting in scars and dark marks also. It is a must to educate the public on how acne scarring takes place at different stages and to treat them before it becomes a hindrance, especially for women.

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