Review: Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) Happy Healthy Skin Gift Set

October 09, 2015

If you have followed Taiwan TV shows most of the time, then you probably have heard this Yuan Soap before. Yuan soap is quite famous in Taiwan as most of the Taiwan TV shows had introduced their soaps before. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanse your body, you also cleanse your mind and soul.

Mr Chiang Jung Yuan, founder of Yuan Soap gave up his career in his middle age and started developing skin problems such as eczema and allergic rashes. He felt itch terribly most of the time no matter what body care products he used because most of them contain preservatives. This lead him to study Chinese herbal medicines and tried to to make his own soap. Thus, Yuan Soap was formed. This could just be a new career path for him while putting himself in others shoes. These soaps are categorized into five (5) series which are sacrifice (flower) series, compassion (herb) series, faith (seed) series, strength (tree) series, and diligence (special) series. Continue to read if you are interested.

Yuan Soap Happy Healthy Skin Gift Set

Using various herbs and spring water in Taiwan, Yuan soaps are good to soothe tired and skin problems. For this Happy healthy Skin Gift Set, it includes Auspicious Soap (50 g), Oat Soap (50 g), and Women's Soap (50 g). I was quite happy and feeling relax at the same time when I unbox the product because the refreshing herbal aroma is super duper relax. Some of you might feel the quality is inconsistent, the herbal smell is too strong and the soaps are too "ugly" to attract the mass market. These soaps are amazing trust me! Let's see some photos now to know more.

From top: Auspicious Soap, Oat Soap, and Women 's Soap.

1. Yuan Auspicious Soap (抹草) - Purifies and anti-bacterial.

From the Herb Series, artemisias, mugwort, and lemon grass are the main ingredients. In Taiwan, the Desmodium caudatum plant is believed to bring positive energy and good luck, hence the name Auspicious Soap is formed. Together with the wild mugwort, they used in soothing eczema skins. Also, people believe that it can eliminate obstacles and beckon bliss. It is among the very few natural anti-bacterial plants which can help in purifying our body, mind, and also our skin complexion.

2. Yuan Oat  Soap (燕麦) - Moisturize and care for tender skin.

From the Seed Series, it is free from essential oils and herbs to offer pure nourishment from grains and premium oils. Suitable for babies, children, and women during and after their pregnancies as it can moisturize our skin and provide gentle care for tender skin. Especially for those who have sensitive skin and combination skin, you guys can try this soap.

3. Yuan Women's Soap (清肌玉肤) - Deep cleansing.

From the Special Series, Yuan Women's Soap takes 60 days, 12 steps and over 13 plants to perfect. It can smoothen out the craters on our skin and infuse in a pleasant body scent. A refreshing self will pump up your confidence and boost your social charm. Dedicated for those with facial acne, pimples, and dull skin as it can achieve in-depth cleansing and also removes all those excessive grease and darkening substances. It is great to refresh our body after a hard day at work or school and clear our odour due to sweats and environment.

Thought after use: 
Actually, I started using organic soaps five years ago as that time was my bad skin year. My face pop out quite a lot of acne. Okay, I know you all won't believe me because all my family members have good and smooth skin. But, it happened. I never know that I can have that much of acne on my face just because of stressful life. I tried quite a lot of skin care products after that and I found an organic soap shop that located at Malacca. Thus, I learned how the natural flowers, plants, leaves, stems, and roots are good to us and suit our specific needs, hence I started my organic soap journey after that.

I stopped using those organic soaps once my skin problem is solved. But but but, because of the haze condition is getting serious in Malaysia, I'm now having a very itchy dry skin, I mean my body, not my face. All thanks to Yuan soaps that are 100% natural and also free from artificial fragrances and colours, I didn't have that itchy feel already after using Yuan Auspicious Soap. However, I love three of them equally as they give different functions to me when I have different skin problems. I love how they cater to my sensitive needs. It is easy to lather and wash off. The strong herbal aroma is a big YES to me, especially Yuan Women's Soap, it is quite pleasing and gives me a refreshed feel after each use.

Last but not least, these soap bars have a very affordable price and just good for personal used and gifts to relatives and friends. Highly recommended for those who love natural and green. YUAN SOAPS is now available in FULL size (100 g) from RM 28.90 to RM 36.90 each at Natta Cosme.

Till then, xoxo.
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  1. Loving organic soap. First time hearing about this brand. Will check it out

  2. Loving organic soap. First time hearing about this brand. Will check it out

  3. I've not heard or seen this brand being sold before but I am all for trying organic products. I wonder if I could easily make a purchase in Ipoh.

    1. You can buy them at Natta Cosme now, as simple as that! =P

  4. The design of the soap remind me of the ancient time in China. Never try this soap before. Thanks for sharing

  5. oh gosh! can expect what smells come out from that soap. i will like this kind of soap.

  6. This is new to me. First time reading about this soap. Thx for sharing!

  7. I love the packaging. So chinese fell. :P

  8. trying this organic soap the smell so much

  9. Wow! Organic soap??? seems good for the skin. I would like to give it a try

  10. Nice to see another soap maker in the market, always makes me wonder how do they step up in such a tough market segment or this is done just on the side to supplement their other income? Too many popular brands out there and there's a lot of independent soap makers out there too.

  11. Wa I accept their another review for Milk series! Feel happy that your skin itchiness is cure by the Yuan soap! Gonna try this too!

  12. organic soap sound great ! i been try Yuan Oat mask before, wish to try Yuan Oat Soap too ^^

  13. Well I can understand what is written on it but good to see the organic range specially when they are ton of products in the market.

  14. Wow, this is quite interesting soap and come with so unique packaging.

  15. Don't think the soaps look ugly haha after all, if they put things into the soap such as loofah, flowers or leaves, they will become very rough to use after about 1 week!

    1. I know right, I personally love the Chinese words on the soaps. =D

  16. lovely packaging of this healthy skin soap! Actually since the introduce of facial foam & body shampoo, I have not been using soap...hmm...with this perhaps I will give it a try though :)

  17. Saw this before and definitely felt like trying it as it looks so healthy and love the Chinese words on it too

  18. The packaging is nice and simple. Makes good gifts for my friends too!

  19. I like the simple and clean packaging, thanks for sharing with us :)

  20. love the auspicious term put to this soap :D..

    have followed you on your google followers, do return the favourya

  21. Looks like a perfect gift to friends! Packet and soups are very well-design!

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  23. I have used this brand for 6 years, and its a must buy when you go to Taiwan. Their shampoos are good as well especially if you don't mind the herbs smell. My favourite is the Mung bean soap which can help clean off makeup too.

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