Review: Hada Labo Multifunction 5-in-1 Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion

October 05, 2015

Feel the coolness of hydration now with the newest Hada Labo Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion. I'm quite excited to use the brand new and  latest lotion innovation that function as lotion, mask, essence, astringent, and emulsion. Yes, you read it right, it is a multi-function 5-in-1 whitening cooling gel lotion. If you have read my previous post on Beauty Talk of Hada Labo, you might know this product already.

For your information, this gel lotion contains two (2) types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which are the HA and Nano HA, for instant penetration onto skin's deepest layer. It can hydrate our skin and leave a cool refreshing sensation and no stickiness feel on our skin upon application.  Not only the hydrating effect, it contains also the whitening agent that can brighten up our skin tone for a visibly fairer, translucent, and natural radiant skin. Besides, vitamin C derivatives also help to re-balance our skin tone and restore skin evenness to reveal a more radiant complexion. Witch Hazel Leaf extract however, it helps to tighten and refine pores for a smoother and more refined skin. Is it really that effective? Let's talk no more and see some photos now.

Hada Labo 5-in-1 Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion Details:
From : Made in Japan.
Weight : 200 ml NET.
Color : Transparent.
Fragrant : Free of fragrances.
Where to buy : Available exclusively at Watsons stores nationwide.
Price : RM 63.50.

Direction for use:
Pour appropriate amount of this cooling gel lotion on your palm and gently pat on your face after cleansing. It will turn into water upon application on the skin, just pat gently and softly until they are completely absorbed into the skin.

Transparent gel-like texture.

Blend it.

Completely absorbed into the skin.

Thoughts after use:
The cooling sensation is a big YES for us who stay in Malaysia! I love this product so so much! This 5-in-1 cooling gel lotion not only can cool down my skin temperature, but also leave my skin feeling smooth, supple, and hydrated all day long. As I mentioned  above, this is the latest lotion innovation that function as lotion, mask, essence, astringent, and emulsion. I save quite a lot of time to be honest! It makes me feel so happy to skip all those annoying skin care regime. Lazy enough. LOL. However, the whitening effect is not that obvious, maybe it needs some times to see the result. Thus, I will try to use it together with Hada Labo's whitening range which includes Whitening Face Wash, Whitening Essence, Whitening Milk, Whitening Cream, Whitening Perfect Gel, and Whitening Mask for better result. Wish that it can really help to make my skin looks fairer. 

Thanks for reading guys! ♥
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