Skin care tips: Shine-free and healthy skin

September 20, 2015

Hi peeps! I'm back with some skin care tips for today! As you all know, I have a dry combination skin , but my friends who having some skin problems love to ask me some question about oily skin. Girls being girls. I always looking for some suitable skin care products for them just because I want my friends to own a healthy and glowing skin. We can't give up and should take good care of our skin right? Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, if you're looking for the best solution to get rid of the oily skin problem, let’s check out these skin care tips for oily skin below to get a shine-free skin!


If you have a healthy skin that doesn't tend to break out, that’s a good thing. But don't go all excited as you need to know which skincare that will help keep your skin looking matte. Try to switch to a facial cleanser that controls zits. A cleanser that washes away oil in pores is what you have to look for. Also, it is important to cleanse your skin every night to remove make-up, impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil.


If you don't even have time to go out to get a facial treatment due to work load and tight schedule, try to be your own facialist at the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that you will exfoliate your skin at least once a week and maybe make your own DIY mask to pamper yourself. And you will realise that your skin will look brighter than before.


I think you all know sunblock is a very important product. But, my friends always tell me about the oily sunblock products that they are using will make their skin becomes oily quickly. Thus, please make sure your sunblock is suitable for oily skin. A good sunblock can prevent you from getting darker, so please apply it before going outside. Also, it helps to control oil and it makes your skin less shine. You might want to skip the moisturiser and get a mineral-based sunblock as it can make your skin matte.


Not saying that you won’t need it at all, but try to not to depend too much on makeup. Using too much foundation would make things worse as it clogs pores and result in them producing more oil. I have been suffer in this problem before, foundation really can make your skin becomes worse. Thanks GOD I didn't have this problem now. If you still want to apply foundation, just switch to a mineral powder type of foundation to suck up excess oil in pores.


Watch what you eat and control your diet. I always tell myself, "Please say NO to fast food and eat healthily!" I just simply can't stop from eating those fast food, it is easier, faster and cheaper! I can't say that I will never go to the famous fast food restaurant anymore, but maybe have a cup of ice cream sometimes? It can make me feel satisfy and more than enough. Also, make sure to take in more foods that are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A could help slowing down oil production in pores More vegetables maybe? I love to eat vegetables!


Blotting papers can be handy as they soak up excess oil. Keep one pack in your bag when you are going out. However, please try not to use them too much as it would irritate the skin and make sure you have some moisturizer spray to moisturize your skin. 

All right, that's all for today's post. Hope that these tips does help you all.
Just be yourself and live life till the fullest, ♥
you will realise that everything is awesome when you review it back trust me.
Till then, xoxo.

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