Review: Beauty Maker Photoshop Perfecting Foundation Brush

July 16, 2015

Continue with my Beauty Maker post today. This is really a must-have for me as it can perfectly apply my liquid foundation very well. If you have viewed my previous unboxing post, you might know about this foundation brush already. It has 0.06 mm bristles, that fine and softness, how can I not having this brush right?

This brush can bring all the foundation powders to our face evenly. Hide our wrinkles and the big pores perfectly. The design of the brush having its special arc angle, it can perfectly match with our face shape, spread evenly and precisely all over the face, ergonomically. Not only its affordable price, but also it can be used for dry and wet foundation. I mean you can use for foundation cake, liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, loose powder, and others! Let's talk no more, have some photos now!

Thoughts after use:
Can you see the result? Obviously, it gives me an even foundation look. For your information, I used Revlon Colorstay Foundation for today's no-makeup-look. I love how the bristles give me the perfect after-photoshop-look because of its ergonomically arc angle of the brush design. It can fit in very well with my every angle of my face, especially my nose area! It is so soft and fine! I can see my pores getting smaller and invisible with the using of this foundation brush.

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PayEasy (To buy)

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