Review: Beauty Maker Smooth Loose Powder

July 22, 2015

If you are living in this hot and moisture country, you will always face the same problems like me. Our make up will probably gone even if we think that our perfect make up can last longer. Not only this, but our face will also become oily and our pores will start to appear especially after noon. Who wish to have big pores right? Thus, a light make up product is a must for us. A light loose powder can give us a matte look, and also help us to control the sebum and make our pores "disappear".

This jar of loose powder can hide our pores perfectly and the most important thing is, it can absorb the excess sebum that produced by our skin. Besides, it contains a lot of essence to make sure our skin is hydrated and moisturized enough.

Thoughts after use:
If you wish to have a long lasting make up look like me, you can apply a layer of foundation first, then only use this loose powder to have a prettier look. It is quite good in setting your foundation and providing a semi-radiant finish! It helps to prolong the wear of make up, control sebum production, and visually minimizes pores for a fresh look.

I'm the one who have the problem of getting oily at T-zone on my face especially after noon. Thus, this luminous loose powder is a must-have for me to do a quick touch up. It is quite simple. Just dab it on your face with appropriate amount then you will have you clear face look after that. It gives me a smooth seamless finish and evens my skin tone also! Ohya! Remember to dab it on the area that have big and annoying pores first, then only dab to other face area.

Till then, xoxo.

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  1. I'm looking for a good loose powder too , thanks for the recommendation!


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