Review: Beauty Maker Essence Air Cushion

July 06, 2015

Hey guys! If you don't know already, I bought some make up products from Beauty Maker when I was in Taiwan. You can click here to view my previous post, it is about the unboxing of Beauty Maker make up products. As for today, I will do a quick review on one of my new favorite make up products in this month. Yes, it is the brand new Beauty Maker Essence Air Cushion that launched in the middle of 2015. Let's have some photos now!

Well-sealed and simple packaging.

Short description on it.

White and simple design.

Same like other air cushion design.

Helix pattern design air cushion.


Pink puff!

The helix pattern design is quite unique and it can help our skin looks brighter and dewy.
It is hard for a traditional air cushion to make a different pattern on it. However, this Beauty Maker Air Cushion has its unique E. B. S. technology that make our skin looks light, brighter, as well as make our skin more hydrated without the sticky feel.

Thoughts after use:
Okay, I would like to say that it really gives me a dewy and brighter look after each apply. The helix pattern design is unique, yet it might make your skin looks worse if you can't handle it well. I just want to remind you all that the pink colour helix part is for brightening purpose. Hence, I will dab the brown colour part all over the face, the pink colour part however, I will dab onto T-zone and wherever I wish to make it brighter or make it more 3-D. Basically, I will dab the pink colour part onto T-zone, eyes area, and cheeks. If you don't wish to have dewy look, you can apply loose powder after this air cushion to have a matte look. Ohya! Remember to dab slowly from inwards to outwards with appropriate amount. That's all for today's post. Comment below or send me a mail if you have any questions.

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