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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: Beauty Maker Smooth Loose Powder

If you are living in this hot and moisture country, you will always face the same problems like me. Our make up will probably gone even if we think that our perfect make up can last longer. Not only this, but our face will also become oily and our pores will start to appear especially after noon. Who wish to have big pores right? Thus, a light make up product is a must for us. A light loose powder can give us a matte look, and also help us to control the sebum and make our pores "disappear".

This jar of loose powder can hide our pores perfectly and the most important thing is, it can absorb the excess sebum that produced by our skin. Besides, it contains a lot of essence to make sure our skin is hydrated and moisturized enough.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review: Beauty Maker Photoshop Perfecting Foundation Brush

Continue with my Beauty Maker post today. This is really a must-have for me as it can perfectly apply my liquid foundation very well. If you have viewed my previous unboxing post, you might know about this foundation brush already. It has 0.06 mm bristles, that fine and softness, how can I not having this brush right?

This brush can bring all the foundation powders to our face evenly. Hide our wrinkles and the big pores perfectly. The design of the brush having its special arc angle, it can perfectly match with our face shape, spread evenly and precisely all over the face, ergonomically. Not only its affordable price, but also it can be used for dry and wet foundation. I mean you can use for foundation cake, liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, loose powder, and others! Let's talk no more, have some photos now!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Review: Beauty Maker Essence Air Cushion

Hey guys! If you don't know already, I bought some make up products from Beauty Maker when I was in Taiwan. You can click here to view my previous post, it is about the unboxing of Beauty Maker make up products. As for today, I will do a quick review on one of my new favorite make up products in this month. Yes, it is the brand new Beauty Maker Essence Air Cushion that launched in the middle of 2015. Let's have some photos now!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Unboxing: Beauty Maker's Makeup Products

嗨! 又到了必须使用中文的时间!
今天又要介绍Kevin老师的Beauty Maker了!
对, 就是那个<女人我最大>的彩妆达人凯文老师。
身在马来西亚或海外的我们或许对Beauty Maker还不是那么熟悉,
但没关系, 在这里告诉你们哦, 其实2015年的Beauty Maker已经9周年了!
一个品牌能那么畅销而且长达九年之久, 实在是不简单啊!

一共三样: 气垫粉饼, 粉底刷, 以及蜜粉。
事不宜迟, 现在就来看看他们家的产品吧!

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