Review: SENKA Perfect Whip Foam and Whitening Lotion

June 05, 2015

Hey peeps! It's now June! I can't believe that 2015 has passed half of it already! I'm going to do a quick review on Senka skincare products today. If you don't know already, Senka means "Specialist" in Japanese. They are actually formulated by Shiseido Co. Ltd. They famous with their makeup removers, cleansers, lotions, and emulsions. They also won an award on Best Product of the Year in Asian Skin Care category.

Five promises of SENKA:
1. They will provide only safe and trustworthy products made in Japan.
2. They will create innovative products with advanced technology.
3. Their products will be kind to the environment.
4. They will thoroughly research and identify consumer needs.
5. They will focus on product quality instead of packaging frills.

As for today, I have used these two products almost two months already, it's time to do a review now! They come in pack: Perfect Whip and Whitening Lotion. As it claims, this cleansing foam really can produce quite a lot of foam that make me happier with it. Let's look at some photos now!

1. SENKA Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam, 120 g.

Squeeze an appropriate amount onto wet hands.

Lather well using cold/ warm water.

Cleanse your face!

It contains silk cocoon and beauty essence (Both moisturizer) !

2. SENKA Whitening Lotion, 200 ml.

Texture is like normal transparent lotion.

Just apply appropriate amount onto the whole face and neck.

Thoughts after use:
Well, I fall for its dense and creamy lather after first use (I'm talking about the Perfect Whip, you know right?)! It actually embraces my skin softly like a cushion. It helps in removing excessive sebum on my face and pore-clogging impurities. The most important thing is my face will not feel dry after each cleanse! Whitening Lotion however, it formulated with Vitamin C derivative, double hyaluronic acid, and Royal Jelly GL that make my skin looks brighter and more luminous. I won't say that it can make our skin whiter quickly, but my face has less spots after used it for two month. Not only this, but also the hydrating function. I can feel my dewy skin also after two months. It is suitable for normal and oily skin. Will I repurchase them in the future? YES. 

That's all for today's post!

For more information, please log on to their FB page.

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