Review: Neesya Skincare Part 1

June 19, 2015

If you have followed my blog, you might know Neesya Skincare already as I already had a teaser on previous post. Now, let me tell you more about this. (View Neesya Skincare Part 2 also.)
Neesya (butterfly in Greek) symbolizes the spirit of today’s modern individual. The butterfly is the essence of freedom, natural beauty and hidden potentials. Like a butterfly, which is a symbol of transformation, every individual has that inner beauty that is waiting to be revealed. Every person deserves only the very best skincare. And Neesya provides that with proven innovative science, with uncompromised use of premium natural extracts in its products. All this at affordable the reach to all.
Experience naturally illuminated skin with Neesya LumiScience°® Technology and emerge with luminous skin through Neesya's 360° complete, customised skincare system. Neesya skincare is about enriching lives with effective, scientific beauty care, made affordable to everyone.

Okay, basically, I know about their brand through their website. It is actually out of my expectation as I could not stop from using them now. You know what, I did not expect too much at first. Please do not judge the book by its cover like me okay?

I have been using Neesya Skincare products more than one month already and I can say that I love Neesya Skincare so much right now. Peeps, I never know that they can magically make me feel so confident with their premium quality in their small bottles.
  • Hydrating Serum (RM 125)
  • Brightening Eye Contour Gel (RM 119)
  • Age Defence Moisturiser (RM 125)
  • UV Shield PA+++ SPF 30 (RM 79)
  • Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (RM 49)

For today's post, I will do a quick review on their skincare products first which including:
1. Hydrating Serum (30 ml),
2. Brightening Eye Contour (30 ml), and
3. Age Defence Moisturiser (50 ml)

1. LumiScience° Hydrating Serum, 30 ml.

The LumiScience°® Hydrating Serum provides deep and intensive hydration to complement the skin illuminating action of LumiScience° Technology. Formulated with natural fruit complex to deeply hydrate our skin also. Contains hyaluronic acid to help improve skin elasticity and smoothen fine lines. Soothing aloe extract which is often used as re-plumping and moisturizing ingredients to restore optimum skin hydration and diminish fine lines. The AcquaCell™ however, it is the main ingredient which helps to boost lasting skin moisture by improve skin cellular fluidity and skin's natural moisturizing ability. It's proven to increase moisture of the skin for 35% in 2 weeks time.

Apply twice daily after cleansing and toning. Pump 2- 3 drops of serum and gently massage over the whole face and neck until fully absorbed. Follow-up with a moisturizer or face cream.

My opinion:
I used this essence more than one month already. It is quite watery, so please be more alert while you are using it. It can be absorbed completely right after I apply it on my face and neck. It has a slightly chemical smell, but not a big problem. As it claims, I can feel my face more elastic and smoother after that although I did not have much problems on my face. I think the extract of aloe vera is a perfect ingredient to soothe and moisturize my face as I can really feel my dewy face after using it for this whole month. I did not feel any stickiness as I have a very dry skin. This hydrating serum is really not bad, you are can try it too if you are interested.

2. LumiScience° Brightening Eye Contour Gel, 30 ml.

A 360° formulation with LumiScience°® Technology, extract of soy and rice peptides and biotechnologically derived superoxide dismutase to diminish dark eye circles, puffiness, smoothen and firm the eye contour. It provides immediate optical brightening effect.

Apply daily. Gently pat eye gel around the eye area, blending gently from inward to the outward corner.

My thoughts:
I used quite a lot of eye care products and this brightening eye contour gel is one of my favorite products now. Have you realise that this eye contour gel is quite shiny? Yes, you see it rightly! This product has its sparkling effect as you can see the glittery gel shine around my eyes. The silver vine extract itself makes my eyes more energizer and have a healthier metabolism. Glitter eyes I have! Please be careful when you are pressing the eye contour gel if you do not want to waste it. Just press the pump carefully, a pea size will do.

3. LumiAdvance° Age Defence Moisturiser, 50 ml. 

Instant hydration moisturiser with multi anti-ageing functions. Enriched with Silanol and brown algae complex, it helps restore youthful glow, smoothens wrinkles, firms skin, soothes and protects against environmental stress. Carbohdrate Complex provides deep and long lasting hydration up to 72 hour. Silver Vine extract can brighten and enhance our skin translucency.

Apply twice daily after cleanse and tone your face.

My thoughts:
I can see the improvements on my face for this whole month. My skin feels so soft and smooth day by day. It helps to reduce the flakiness and itchiness on my face actually. I can't say that it can change your skin condition suddenly, but it can help you to prevent it dehydrated and of course anti-ageing. What I like the most? The long-lasting hydration that last for up to 72 hours, that is why you will feel it is quite stick after you apply it on your face and neck. It needs times to be absorbed! Be patient.

That's all for today's post!
Till then, xoxo.

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