Review: #Foodporn at Georgetown, Penang.

May 17, 2015

Hi Penang Bridge!

It's another holiday for me and I decided to have a short getaway to Penang. It's been a while I didn't go to Penang already, that's why I went there again to have a walk and enjoy my holiday. Back to the topic now, I'm going to have a short update about the food at Georgetown today, Please make sure you had your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper already if you want to continue to see my post. LOL. For your information, please click here if you want to know where I stay on that few days. Continue to see my post if you want to know more about what I eat when I was in Georgetown, Penang.

1. Toh Soon Cafe (多春茶室), Lebuh Campbell.

It is a very small kopitiam located in a dark alley between 2 buildings,
at a back lane of Campbell Street.

Their buns are charcoal-grilled. 

Hainanese coffee with their signature foods.

*Please avoid go there at peak hour. Sometimes 1 -2 hours not surprising. It closed on Sunday.

2. Famous Teochew Cendol, Lebuh Penang.

I ordered ABC instead of Cendol.
*Okay, I still think that Cendol at Seksyen 17 is the best.

3. Mama-Miya Coconut Ice Cream, Lebuh Cannon. 

RM 6 per coconut ice cream.
*They will give you a small glass of coconut water before your ice cream is ready!

This is awesome especially in the hot weather!

4. Busy Bodhi, Lebuh Cannon.

Just want to have a coconut water before I get sore throat.
They sell coconut ice cream also, and many other beverage.
*RM 5 per coconut.

5. Selfie Coffee, Love Lane.

When coffee meets selfie.
*You can find other stores at Puchong and Sunway also!

6. Random hawker stalls, Lebuh Carnavon. 

Fried Kuey Teow.

Please make sure you you get a map of Georgetown after you checked in, it will guide you a lot.
You can ask others also if you are lost, actually some of them are very helpful.
Maybe I look so lost? Many of them was actually ask me whether I need a help or not.
One of my Penang friends brought me to eat the curry mee at Air Itam that he eat everyday also.
Anyway, thanks for their help and I'm appreciate so much.
That's all for this post, xoxo.

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