Review: China House at Georgetown, Penang

May 22, 2015

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Hi peeps! Just before I went to enjoy my Penang trip, one of my friends- Mr R said that, "No trip to Penang is complete without visit to China House." China House is a traditional compound of three heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard (It just located at Lebuh Pantai and Lebuh Victoria). There are fourteen existing spaces with shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and theater. I passed by there few times already when I was searching all those street art/ wall mural in Penang. They offer Asian Fusion, breakfast, brunch, Italian, and others. China House is my "last" eat at Penang after checked out (with heavy rain.) To be exact, I had my brunch at China House (Kopi C) on my last day in this town. They have their BTB different menu (beside the cafe), canteen cheap & cheerful menu (thru the courtyard) also.

The interior design of ChinaHouse's Kopi C.

Yes, it is a very long walk to really see this whole building.

Something that you can't stop yourself, but must order to try.

Another corner.

Walnut Espresso.

Everyone told me their Tiramisu is great.

Iced Latte, RM 11.

Caramel Cashewnut Cheesecake, RM 16.

Big Breakfast, RM 33.
(Fried egg, lamb sausage, beef patty, mushroom, caramelized onions served with mirin and tomato relish)

Homemade Beef Sausage &Scrambled Egg Muffin with Tomato Relish, RM 18.

Verdict: 8 out of 10.
China House is one of the heritage cafes that you must go to visit. I visited ChinaHouse because it is overfamous for its cakes. Their cakes are just amazing and I am really grateful to have a brunch at here before leaving Penang. Their Caramel Cashewnut Cheesecake is just awesome with the dense and creamy taste. The big breakfast is really not bad, you all can try also. Remember to share with your friends, it is really giant in size! (big breakfast mahhhh) Besides, you will definitely enjoy the decorations and creative artworks at ChinaHouse like me. Love the nice ambiance! However, the cakes are too sweet for some customers. It can be very crowded at its peak hours and the price is pricey also. Please bring extra penny if you wish to enjoy some good food at here. Overall, it is worth a visit and I wish that ChinaHouse will open a branch in KL in the future. That's all for today's post, xoxo.

Thanks for reading guys!
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