Penang: Bukit Bendera and Gurney Drive, Air Itam

May 19, 2015

The second day in Penang is just like my primary school's graduation trip. I go to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera) not the first time already, and of course it won't be my last time. It is 6 km from the city and 823 m above sea level on this northern part of Penang. You can reached by Penang Hill Railway, the funicular train. Train open daily from 6.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. Please remember to bring your MyKad and student card because it will be cheaper.

Before that, I went to the Sister's Curry Mee at Air Itam to have my breakfast first. Run by 2 elderly sisters (they are now more than 80-year-old already), this local curry mee is what my friend used to eat almost everyday. Try it and you will love it. My friend recommended that it would be perfect if add the "sotong" inside this bowl of curry mee. And yes, I tried it and I fall for it. This is really awesome and you all should try it. It just located around Air Itam Morning Market.

They used to sit there and prepare the curry mee for customers.

Remember to add the cuttlefish.

RM 5 per bowl. Awesome enough. 

Bought the train tickets at counter first.

Not my first time, but I just love to sit at the front of the train.

Because the view is just simple nice.

When you arrive, you will see the nice view and feel the low temperature environment first.

Signature"Bukit Bendera" at there.

And a selfie with messy hair.

New tourists hotspot.

Sorry to say that, I didn't lock any "LOVE" at here.

Smile like a tourist.

After Penang Hill, it's time to have some dinner! Huh? Eat again? Yes, eat again. Gurney Drive (Pusat Penjaja Anjung Gurney) is one of my childhood memories also. It famous with its hawker food. However, it disappoints me a lot if compared to the taste that I tried few years back. Anyway, I really enjoy to eat the Penang food at here such as fried kuey teow, asam laksa, hokkien mee (prawn noodle), coconut water and others. Not only this, but also the happy face of people when they are having their food. Happiness is as simple as that.

Full of people.

This is my photo in Instagram.

Wantan Mee also not bad huh?

Penang Hokkien Mee.

This is a very sinful night with a fat belly stomach.
Have to exercise few months to reduce my fat already. Orz.
Alright, that's it. Till then, xoxo.

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