Little thoughts: #Foodporn around Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya.

May 09, 2015

I stay at PJ already one year. I used to visit my brother who stay at PJ last time, and I never thought that I will stay at this place also, the place where I love the most. With my favorite school, my favorite shopping mall, favorite person, and of course it made me gain a lot of chances to stay connected with all the events and collaborations that come to me, easier and more convenient.

I gained so much weight at this place.
I gained so much of memories in this place.
Below lists are the places that I visit the most.

1. The famous Cendol & Rojak, Seksyen 17.

I love to eat their rojak mee and cendol the most.
It just located right behind my house.


2. Chicken Rice at Hou Yi Kei, Seksyen 17.

I love to eat their Char Siew Chicken Rice.

Always RM 3.60 Mixed Rice.

3. Bumbung Nasi Lemak, Seapark.

Everyone know it right? My love.

4. Nasi Lemak at Restoran Ali  Food's Corner, Seapark.

Their Nasi Lemak is just simply nice.
Same goes to their Roti Canai, awesome enough.

5. Black Taufu, SS2 Night Market.

I just love to eat spicy things.

6. Mamak around UTAR & Proton Service Center, Seksyen 13.

Cheap, nice, and big portion in the whole row of mamak stalls.
The Chee Cheong Fun of the Chinese Aunty Stall is super awesome also!

Mee Rebus is just my taste!

7. Strangers at Forty7, Seksyen 17.

My memories with my senior and all my bunch of crazy friends. 

Simply love this!

Hey, this is not the end and I love to eat so much of nice and awesome food at here.
I wish to post all the food reviews here, but it is just too many of great food to introduce.
Please give me some times okay? That's all for today, till then. xoxo.

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