Travel: Day 4 @Hatyai, Thailand

April 29, 2015

Last Day in Hatyai. It is a sudden decision to stay at there one more day actually because I just can't enough in this tomyam country. Eat trip is really fun and fat. Please drink more coconut water at there, if not you will sick like me. Yes, my throat so pain on this day and I went to the Town Center Pharmacy (just beside Watsons store) to buy some medicine and this pharmacy is the famous store in this Hatyai downtown. Most of the tourists used to buy the medicine and snake powder at here because they sell the most affordable products around this area. Okay, I bought few boxes of snake powder after that, hahahaha! The lavender scent of snake powder is just so nice! You all should try it, really awesome.

Bought a lot of food at Kimyong Market again.

Have a rest at hotel after that and I went to the corner restaurant to have my early lunch after I checked out. This restaurant is located at the same row of my hotel, just opposite the Odean Supermarket. This is the best pork knuckle rice in this area, it called 阿娇猪脚饭 (Ah Jiao Zhu Jiao Fan). Their duck drumstick Kuey Teoy also not bad one, let's see some photos now. That's all for my Thai-eat-trip.


Pork Knuckle Rice.

Duck Drumstick Kuey Teoy.

Last day on tuk-tuk!
Bye Thailand, till I see you again!

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  1. After reading your blog.... im looking forward to Haytai again...Since 2014 till now...we have been to Hatyai 3x and maybe 4th next month!
    My kids are already grown easier to travel with them... 1st trip ... transport by train and back....2nd trip...bus and train back home and the May 2015 trip we flew cos I managed to get AA for RM69 going but coming back was RM120+... reasonable compared to travelling by bus and train.
    My mode of transport this trip is most likely by bus as they arrive very early and surely coming back by train as they leave at 4pm Thailand time...more time to shop...hehehe
    1st trip hotel was VL...right opposite Kim Yong...and subsequent trip was Tune now Red the place...big rooms and excellent Wifi at less than RM100 per night.
    By the good is Sakol Hotel wifi? might consider staying there this trip as its nearer to Lee Gardens.


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