Travel: Day 3 @Hatyai, Thailand

April 12, 2015

Continue my Day 3 in Hatyai, Thailand. I went to Kimyong Market again after I had some light breakfast in Hotel. To be honest, I miss the pork stick so much, that's why I went there again and again. Same road with Lee garden Plaza, there are many shops (such as the shops in Saneha Plaza) that you could buy your outfit and souvenirs at there. I went to Odean Supermarket and Central Shopping Mall after that, but I just can't buy anything at there. However, Odean always has lingerie sales (I think almost everyday?) on the ground floor, you can see it right after you enter their mall.  Central Shopping Mall however, it is something like Parkson in our country. I like to walk around at Tops market inside the Central Mall. It is something like Cold Storage and Jaya Grocer. Let's see some photos now okay?

This is what Odean looks like. With a giant Fortune Cat statue. 

Just in front of Lee garden Plaza.

Just walk and eat along the street on Prachatipat Road.

Coconut ice cream is a must-eat. Cheap and delicious!

I went to Greenway Nightmarket (1406/3 Karnjanavanit Road, Hatyai, Thailand 90110) at night. For your information, Greenway is the best open-air shopping complex in Hatyai. It opens from Wednesday to Sunday only, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Just take tuk-tuk to go there because it is a bit far from the town center. Clothing, accessories, handicraft, perfumes, cosmetics, antiques, and others. No doubt, you pay less at Greenway as they sell mostly second hand clothing but there are some stalls sell new products also! You can see they even have the medicure services at some stalls, they use hair dryer to dry the customers' nails also. LOL.

This is a very big market, please don't get lost. LOL. It made me very tired at that night and it was a rainy day. When open-air market meets rainy day, everything sucks, but luckily it rains a while only. I bought few clothes then only back to the hotel and sleep. That's all for today's post, xoxo.

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