Travel: Day 2 @Hatyai, Thailand

April 09, 2015

Day 2 at Hatyai is quite rush, there are many places so want to go, too many food so want to eat.
Some of the main locations I wish to go and of course I went. Kimyong Market is a must-go every morning! Lee Garden Plaza also the same, I went there to have my 33rd Floor Sky Buffet Dinner at there! Hansa Plaza is the place where I watch the Cabaret Show (They call it as Ah Gua Show).

Woke up early in the morning (actually not really that early) and went to the Kimyong Market to have a walk. It is actually nothing special, but it is different because it has a lot of food that we can't find it in Malaysia. Don't worry, it is not really that far, you all can go there with just a walking distance. I went to the famous corner-dim-sum-hawker-stall to have some light eating first.

Here it is!

Alright, this is nothing special.

This is my favourite food at Kimyong Market!

Can't forget the taste of this pork stick.

Some of the fish still alive!

You can buy this tiny cute pineapple back and eat, this is really nice.

Bought and brought them back to the hotel and eat.

Lee Garden Plaza.

I had my happy dining experience at Swensen's, click here to view it.
There are just too many shops inside the plaza, I'm just too happy to shop at there.
One of my favourite shops is Boots. As the UK's leading pharmacy-led health and beautiful retailer, you can find your favorite products at here for sure. Please come to Malaysia okay?

Makeup products also!

After Boots, it's time to shop at different shops in Lee Garden Plaza!

I'm very hungry after that and I walk to McDonald's and KFC to have my simple lunch.

This one super spicy weyyyy and I love it so much!

Pork porridge with egg.

Samurai Pork Burger is so nice. =P

It's a must to post like this. LOL.

Bought some snacks from 7-eleven and back to the hotel again.
 I love to have a look at there, and I don't know why. LOL.

My all-time-favourite.

Ah Gua Show, I'm coming.

I know right they are prettier than me. Orz. The price of this Cabaret Show is more expensive than the Thai Girl Show that I watched last night, and the quality is better also. Oh ya, you will get a glass of free beverage also, either beer or coke. But for me, it is nothing special. Back to the Lee Garden Plaza area to hunt for my supper after the show is finished. I had some local Thai food at some hawker stalls in front of Lee Garden Plaza.

My last meal on that day!

That's all for today.

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