Travel: Day 1 @Hatyai, Thailand

April 07, 2015

It's been awhile I didn't update my blog, sorry guys, I'm just too sick of my assignments, tons of works have to finish before due date. If you have read my previous posts, you should know that I had a very relax Hatyai trip in the beginning of this year. Click here to view my review of Sakol Hotel if you are interested. I just want to have a quick and short update about my Hatyai trip before I forget everything. LOL.

I just don't know how to start a travel post, so please don't mind if it looks messy okay?
Let's have a look of my first day in this tomyam-country!

You will know that you came to a different country by looking at the busy street!

Everywhere has my Hakka Association, proud of it. Hahahaha!

After I checked in, I had my first meal at "Ge Di Cha Dian". You can click it to view back my review of this restaurant. I went to Nora Plaza after had my breakfast at there! Just take "Tuk-Tuk" go there and what so special? It is a jewelry shop, but actually it sells many other things such as handbags, hats, souvenirs, and others. However, this is not my main purpose to go there. As this is my "eat" trip, I went there to have a taste of exquisite foods. Yes, you can try their shark's fin soup, fish maw soup, longan bird's nest, bird's nest coconut, ginseng bird's nest, and ginkgo bird's nest. Price range from 100 Baht to 400 Baht. It is tastier and awesome in its way, you all can try it.
(Address: 324.326.328, Thammanoon Vithi Road, Hatyai Songkhla 90110, Thailand.)

Ginseng tea will be served first before you order. This is F.O.C. one.


Fish maw soup.

Ginkgo bird's nest. 

Satisfied with a full-round-stomach. I went to one of the famous market in the town, called Talad Sod Market (lacated at Montri 2 Road), it is a market that sell mostly clothes and just beside the biggest market in the town. There are many clothes and shoes in that "big pasar" that you can "bring" back, and of course lot of souvenirs and food. Sorry peeps, I didn't take many photos at here because it is very hot and really have a lot of things to buy, especially on the ground floor. Please remember that they are two different buildings on that street. People called it "Big Pasar" (the biggest market), and the building which is a bit smaller and near to the tower clock is the Talad Sod Market.

After that, I back to the hotel and rest after sweat so much!
There are many stalls will slowly "come out" and do their business at night. You can walk around and of course buy as many as you can. It's dinner time! I found 张志成饭店 (Zhang Zhi Cheng Restaurant) in an alley between Odean Supermarket and Central Supermarket. This is another old-school-restaurant that I love to visit when I'm in Hatyai. You will find it that it is actually a very chinese-old-style-restaurant and sells the awesome Thai cuisine.

In front of Starbucks, Odean Supermarket.

Tomyam is a must and eggs and vegetables are my love.

The night is still young. I already bought the tickets of Hawaii Sexy Special Show (I think most of them call it as Thai Girl Show?) from a random travel agency shop (when I arrived Hatyai at that morning) with a very affordable after-discount-price and including a glass of free beverage. No children allowed and you are not allow to take photos after the show starts some drama. For the free beverage part, you can choose either beer or coke.

This is a very unforgettable night. I just can't hide my shy expression the whole night after the show starts. I met another two girls who are university students at there also. This is my first time for seeing all those "things" at a very dark environment with a very noisy music and songs. And this will be my last time also if nobody wants me to accompany them to watch this show next time. LOL. Impressed enough! Some girls, men, and "girls" are on the stage and perform professionally. They were in swimsuit and dance and dance. It ends with intercourse show as it claimed.

Till then, xoxo.

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    1. Hi, I bought the tickets of Hawaii Sexy Special Show (Thai Girl Show) from a random travel agency shop (when I arrived Hatyai at that morning) with a very affordable after-discount-price. The location of that show is a bit far from the heart of Hatyai, so you have to take tuk-tuk to go there (About 10 baht per person or depends on how many person sit on the tuk-tuk).

      Hope this help!

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  7. Great post!!! I am planning to go to Hatyai end of the December.


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