Review: Swensen's @Hatyai, Thailand

April 18, 2015

The ultimate sundae experience. Swensen's is famous in Thailand and you can find it easily. As for Malaysia, you can find Swensen's stores at Subang Parade and Avenue K, and other stores are located at Penang, and Johor Bahru. The stores in Malaysia is more like a cafe restaurant, they serves also burgers, sandwiches, rice, pasta, and other main courses. The first Swensen's Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948 actually. This is my childhood memory also as my dad used to bring me to eat sundae at Swensen's last time. Okay, let's back to the topic now. I had my awesome moment at Swensen's, Lee Garden Plaza when I was in Thailand in the beginning of this awesome 2015.

You will see Swensen's right after you enter Lee garden Plaza,
(In front of McDonald's)

Oreo Brownie, 145 Baht.

Strawberry Nutella Crepe, 189 Baht.

Spot their signature ice-cream cakes also, 825 Baht each.

Verdict: 9 out of 10.
Swensen's really gave me an ultimate sundae experience. I visited their store after I had my lunch, but I just can't resist of the cold and tasty ice cream of Swensen's when I stepped into Lee Garden Plaza. Plain water will be served right after you ordered. I'm satisfied with my ice cream at Swensen's after my lunch. Their bananas are fresh enough, and when you eat them with the ice cream with cream, gosh! You can feel the happiness and of course the fatness. Hahahaha! The crispiness of the biscuits, the sweetness and smoothness of the ice cream perfectly matched with the cream, Oreo and Brownies. This is a must-order-ice-cream with an affordable price if compared to other premium ice cream chain stores. For the Strawberry Nutella Crepe, it is surprisingly awesome with nutella. The ice cream is awesome as usual. The crepe however, I not really like the thickness of that crepe, I can eat their flour-taste which made me feel like it would be better if its crepe is slightly thinner. But overall is awesome. This is my honest review based on my personal preferences but it may vary on different person. So yea, that's all for today's review! Till then, xoxo.

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