Review: Sukiya Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice) すき家

April 04, 2015

Hey peeps! I'm back with a food review. One of my favourite must-visit-restaurants recently is Sukiya (すき家)! If you have followed my Instagram @colney, you might see that I keep posting some awesome gyudon and curry rice photos recently! Gyudon (牛丼) is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice, topped with slices of fragrant beef and onion. As a Japan's No 1 fast food restaurant, Sukiya offers us dishes speedy, yes, very efficient!

I can remember the first time when I dine in at Sukiya, I get my Gyudon immediately right after I ordered! How come they can be that fast?! I can say that they are faster than other fast food chain store. LOL. This restaurant very impressed me because of their high efficiency! Let's see some photos now!

Sukiya, USJ Taipan.

Veggies Teriyaki Chicken Rice and Gyudon.

Okra Gyudon (Lady's Fingers) and Cheese Gyudon.

Gyudon Set, comes with pickled veggies, miso soup, and half-boiled egg.

Close up for their beef!

Half -boiled egg is a must!

Curry with seasoned beef.

They have their snacks and side dishes also!

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10.
As I mentioned above, they impressed me a lot! Located right next to True Fitness at USJ Taipan, it has a very wooden Japanese style design. Specialize with its Gyudon which I love the most, they have their chicken meals, snacks and side dishes also such as Kara-ague (Fried Chicken) and Seafood Tempura. You can choose the meal size of your choice (small, medium, and large). I really love their gyudon with the soy sauce taste and their curry rice is a must-order-dish also if you love to eat Japanese curry like me. Everything is great, but the beverage are a bit pricey. Thus, you all can visit them at lunch time as their lunch set comes with soft drink or miso soup. Or you can add RM 2 for their value set, that is a set of side dish or snack and soft drink. That's all for today's review. Till then.

Thanks for reading guys!
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