Review: Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd Floor Sky Buffet @Hatyai, Thailand

April 22, 2015

One of the hotspots when you travel at Hatyai, Thailand- Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd Floor Sky Buffet. Spot it? It is located at Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd floor. Many people will misunderstand that this Sky Buffet is located at Lee Garden Plaza, but actually it is a different thing. For your information, you can enter Lee Garden Hotel and straight going up to the 33rd floor by elevator. If you are in Lee Garden Plaza (don't worry!), you can enter Lee Garden Hotel also. Just go to Boots (ground floor), it has a way walk to the same elevator of Lee Garden Hotel.

When you walk out from the elevator, you are in the Sky Buffet Restaurant now. You will see the counter in front of you, and you can enjoy your buffet after you pay (169 Baht for Adult, 119 Baht for Senior, and 89 Baht for Children). There are two sitting area at there. Left hand side is the place where you can take your food and enjoy yourself; Right hand side however, it has a very nice view of Hatyai downtown, but you will need to take your food on the other side. Anyway, it is your choice to choose your favourite sitting area. Let's below photos tell you the story okay?

Sitting area that without nice view.

Sitting area that with nice view.

The view from above.

Verdict: 7.5 out of 10.
It's a very good dining experience at 33rd Floor Sky Buffet. You will see the waiters/ waitress are smile all the time, look so friendly. Price is reasonable with the food quality. The buffet here used to be 120 Baht few years back, but it is still affordable after increased the price. I think this is the only "cheap" buffet in Hatyai, that's why they garnered lots of fans and made itself a must-try when you are in Hatyai. It is definitely a dining choice for everyone if you love to eat buffet with a nice view of Hatyai downtown. However, the choices of food and beverage are not really that much but match with the buffet price right? This is still the cheapest buffet I have ever seen. Some people said it is suck because they want something best with the lowest price but actually the food quality here is okay with this price. This review is based on my personal preferences but it may vary on different person. Till then, xoxo.

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