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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Travel: Day 4 @Hatyai, Thailand

Last Day in Hatyai. It is a sudden decision to stay at there one more day actually because I just can't enough in this tomyam country. Eat trip is really fun and fat. Please drink more coconut water at there, if not you will sick like me. Yes, my throat so pain on this day and I went to the Town Center Pharmacy (just beside Watsons store) to buy some medicine and this pharmacy is the famous store in this Hatyai downtown. Most of the tourists used to buy the medicine and snake powder at here because they sell the most affordable products around this area. Okay, I bought few boxes of snake powder after that, hahahaha! The lavender scent of snake powder is just so nice! You all should try it, really awesome.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd Floor Sky Buffet @Hatyai, Thailand

One of the hotspots when you travel at Hatyai, Thailand- Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd Floor Sky Buffet. Spot it? It is located at Lee Garden Hotel's 33rd floor. Many people will misunderstand that this Sky Buffet is located at Lee Garden Plaza, but actually it is a different thing. For your information, you can enter Lee Garden Hotel and straight going up to the 33rd floor by elevator. If you are in Lee Garden Plaza (don't worry!), you can enter Lee Garden Hotel also. Just go to Boots (ground floor), it has a way walk to the same elevator of Lee Garden Hotel.

When you walk out from the elevator, you are in the Sky Buffet Restaurant now. You will see the counter in front of you, and you can enjoy your buffet after you pay (169 Baht for Adult, 119 Baht for Senior, and 89 Baht for Children). There are two sitting area at there. Left hand side is the place where you can take your food and enjoy yourself; Right hand side however, it has a very nice view of Hatyai downtown, but you will need to take your food on the other side. Anyway, it is your choice to choose your favourite sitting area. Let's below photos tell you the story okay?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Swensen's @Hatyai, Thailand

The ultimate sundae experience. Swensen's is famous in Thailand and you can find it easily. As for Malaysia, you can find Swensen's stores at Subang Parade and Avenue K, and other stores are located at Penang, and Johor Bahru. The stores in Malaysia is more like a cafe restaurant, they serves also burgers, sandwiches, rice, pasta, and other main courses. The first Swensen's Ice Cream Store opened at the corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco in 1948 actually. This is my childhood memory also as my dad used to bring me to eat sundae at Swensen's last time. Okay, let's back to the topic now. I had my awesome moment at Swensen's, Lee Garden Plaza when I was in Thailand in the beginning of this awesome 2015.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review: 哥弟茶店 @Hatyai, Thailand

Hi guys! I'm back with a food review of "Ge Di Cha Dian" 哥弟茶店 at Hatyai, Thailand. Sorry peeps, it didn't have any English name and I don't know how to read and write in Thai, so I call it as "Ge Di Cha Dian" (direct translate), means "Brothers Kopitiam". Like other tourist hotspots, this is a must-visit-restaurant at Hatyai. They are famous with the Thai Chicken Rice, Singapore Bak Kut Teh, and Braised Pork Knuckle Rice. My friends asked me why I want to eat Singapore Bak Kut Teh at Thailand? We should "try and error" right? Who knows it is tastier?

Heard that it is always full house at here, but not really that pack when I arrived as it is a weekday.
For your information, you can communicate with them with Mandarin if you know how to speak in Chinese as most of them know some simple Chinese words. Great right? If you want to see my review of where I stay at Hatyai, click here. Okay, let's see some photos now.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Travel: Day 3 @Hatyai, Thailand

Continue my Day 3 in Hatyai, Thailand. I went to Kimyong Market again after I had some light breakfast in Hotel. To be honest, I miss the pork stick so much, that's why I went there again and again. Same road with Lee garden Plaza, there are many shops (such as the shops in Saneha Plaza) that you could buy your outfit and souvenirs at there. I went to Odean Supermarket and Central Shopping Mall after that, but I just can't buy anything at there. However, Odean always has lingerie sales (I think almost everyday?) on the ground floor, you can see it right after you enter their mall.  Central Shopping Mall however, it is something like Parkson in our country. I like to walk around at Tops market inside the Central Mall. It is something like Cold Storage and Jaya Grocer. Let's see some photos now okay?

This is what Odean looks like. With a giant Fortune Cat statue. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Travel: Day 2 @Hatyai, Thailand

Day 2 at Hatyai is quite rush, there are many places so want to go, too many food so want to eat.
Some of the main locations I wish to go and of course I went. Kimyong Market is a must-go every morning! Lee Garden Plaza also the same, I went there to have my 33rd Floor Sky Buffet Dinner at there! Hansa Plaza is the place where I watch the Cabaret Show (They call it as Ah Gua Show).

Woke up early in the morning (actually not really that early) and went to the Kimyong Market to have a walk. It is actually nothing special, but it is different because it has a lot of food that we can't find it in Malaysia. Don't worry, it is not really that far, you all can go there with just a walking distance. I went to the famous corner-dim-sum-hawker-stall to have some light eating first.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travel: Day 1 @Hatyai, Thailand

It's been awhile I didn't update my blog, sorry guys, I'm just too sick of my assignments, tons of works have to finish before due date. If you have read my previous posts, you should know that I had a very relax Hatyai trip in the beginning of this year. Click here to view my review of Sakol Hotel if you are interested. I just want to have a quick and short update about my Hatyai trip before I forget everything. LOL.

I just don't know how to start a travel post, so please don't mind if it looks messy okay?
Let's have a look of my first day in this tomyam-country!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: Sukiya Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice) すき家

Hey peeps! I'm back with a food review. One of my favourite must-visit-restaurants recently is Sukiya (すき家)! If you have followed my Instagram @colney, you might see that I keep posting some awesome gyudon and curry rice photos recently! Gyudon (牛丼) is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice, topped with slices of fragrant beef and onion. As a Japan's No 1 fast food restaurant, Sukiya offers us dishes speedy, yes, very efficient!

I can remember the first time when I dine in at Sukiya, I get my Gyudon immediately right after I ordered! How come they can be that fast?! I can say that they are faster than other fast food chain store. LOL. This restaurant very impressed me because of their high efficiency! Let's see some photos now!

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