Review: Chili's "2 For RM 75" Pick 1 Appetizer and 2 Entrees for 1 Price

March 23, 2015

As you all know, I'm one of the fans of Chili's Grill & Bar. If you not really know about this restaurant, you can click Chili's Grill & Bar to see my previous review. Now, Chili's comes with a very nice promo and I named it as "2 for RM 75". This is a combo of one (1) appetizer and two (2) entrees. Promotion is from 23rd March to 19th April 2015. All price are subjected to a 10% service charge and current government tax. I should try this before April right? All thanks to the GST and I have another reason to eat more now.

You can choose Garlic French Fries, Southwestern Eggrolls, or Tostada Chips & Salsa.
And pick two entrees from burger, steak, quesadilla, and pasta.

My best friend and I ordered a plate of Garlic French Fries as appetizer and for the entrees part, we ordered Poblano Burger and Chicken & Spinach Pasta. The juicy beef patty perfectly matched with the sweet and smoky Honey-Chipotle sauce, crispy tortilla strips, and other ingredients. This burger is really awesome especially when you eat with their signature fries. For the Chicken & Spinach Pasta, its creamy alfredo sauce with the cooked pasta is just delicious in its own way and a little chipotle pesto sauce was drizzled on the grilled chicken strips made it even awesome. To be honest, it is quite big in portion, please share your pasta with your friends if you don't want to make your stomach suffer.

The best part is the Garlic French Fries. Surprisingly, I love this garlic fries, same goes to my friend. We love it! We just can't stop from eating the garlic flavor french fries. I never know that the garlic sauce can be that perfect when it meets fries! You guys should try this because it is not in the menu usually. And why? Why it is not a bottomless fries? If yes, I will be very happy. But, it is very subjective because everyone has their different taste especially when it comes to food. Alright, that's all for my today's review. Let's below photos tell you the story!

The Garlic French Fries.

Plobano Burger.

Chicken & Spinach Pasta.

This is my "2 for RM 75", how about you?

There is another promo also which is the "2 for RM 100".
Please check it out before 19 April 2015, Sunday.
Till then, xoxo.

Thanks for reading guys!
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