Review: Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moisturizer

February 07, 2015

Hi peeps! Lunar New Year is around the corner! Having a bad skin condition during Chinese New Year is a big NO! Wish to have a crystal clear skin? I used Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moisturizer almost one month already and I am trying to do a quick review here to share with you guys! We should take a very good care of our skin before the festival comes right? Continue to read the post if you are interested. =D

For your information, "Mon Amour" means "My Love" in French. This snail mucin moisturizer is a product of France and 100% natural ingredients! How great right? It hydrates and provides antioxidant protection while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant. It contains beta-glucan to promote overall skin health by helping to strengthen skin's natural rejuvenation potential. It improves skin radiance and gently exfoliates, revealing smoother, healthier looking skin and texture. In short, it has its snail formula that heals wounds/ scars and also can improve our skin condition magically.

Mon Amour Hydrate Moisturizer Details:
From : Made in Malaysia.
Weight : 50 ml ft. 1.7 oz
Color : Transparent.
Fragrant : Classic roses smell.
Availability : You can find it at HiShop.
Benefits : Age Defence & Skin Active Hydration.
Price : RM 150.

How to use:
Apply it to your face after toner or serum using gentle upwards strokes, making sure moisturizer absorbs into skin.

It is actually transparent when you apply it on your face.

Yes, it is like crystal transparent color.

Thoughts after use:
I love the soft and smooth texture of Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moisturizer! It actually smells great with a light roses fragrance. It is definitely one of my new addictions as it helps to brighten up my skin tone and I can feel how smooth, moisturized, and rejuvenated after each use. Besides, it is safe for all skin types as it is made from 100% natural ingredients. You never know how it works magically until you try it yourself.

Thanks for reading guys!
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