Review: Dian Huo Xin Wo (点火心窝), Kelana Jaya PJ

February 03, 2015

Hello peeps! I'm back with a food review! Yes, it is my all time favorite- STEAMBOAT! Do you know that I always crave for steamboat like almost every day? Especially when it is raining season, a piping hot bowl of steamboat is really awesome. Located along the LDP highway(nearby Kelana Jaya LRT Station), it is actually quite near to my house. So, why not?

The antique interior design give us a feel of "WOW" with antique phone, old style television and table fan, and others. I would say it looks like an old style house with the tidy and clean dining area. Of course, not only this, let's start the food review now.

Wait.. Before that, we started our meal with a toss of Yee Sang since Chinese New Year is around the corner. They have only one type of Yee Sang which is the Smoked Bacon Yee Sang (RM 68). Great flavor without any artificial coloring. This Yee Sang is available for order from NOW until 17th February. It is quite unique with the smoked salmon and red dragon fruit. Pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

In here, they offer three (3) types of soup which includes Black Chicken Herbal Soup, Clear Tomyam Soup, and Pork Oriental Soup. (Or Pork Oriental & Tomyam Soup). The soups are being charged separately (refillable). Besides, their own handmade sauces are quite HOT & Spicy. If you love to eat spicy things, these homemade sauces can definitely satisfy your tongue!

Black Chicken Herbal Soup, RM 23

Clear Tomyam & Pork Oriental Soup, RM 18

For the appetizers, they have Fried Salmon Skin, Tongsam Century Egg, and Japanese Cucumber. The Salmon Skin is just so crispyyyyyy with its crunchy sound, you will addicted after your first try! Tongsam Century Egg with the pickled ginger were nicely done. Or you can try the Japanese Cucumber if you are a fan of Japanese food.

Fried Salmon Skin, RM 6.

Tongsam Century Egg, RM 4.50

Japanese Cucumber, RM 4.50

They offer a wide variety of meatballs which includes Signature Beef Balls (RM 8), Golden Yolk Pork Balls (RM 8), Mushroom Pork Balls (RM 7), Crystal Fish Balls (RM 6), Squid Balls (RM 7), Seafood Balls (RM 8), Shrimp Balls (RM 8), and Quail Egg Chicken Balls (RM 7). All of them are handmade with special massage for an hour. The balls are all bigger than the normal balls and absolutely MSG-free. I personally like the Golden York Pork Balls the most! Other than meatballs, they serve Dumpling (RM 6), Slice Meat, Seafood, Organ Parts, Egg, Beancurd, Mushroom, Vegetables, and Noodles also.

There are Chicken Slice (RM 12), Mongolian Slice Lamb (RM 25), American Wagyu Slice Beef (RM 36), Australian Snowflake Slice Beef (RM18), and Fresh Prawns (RM 20).

Enoki Mushroom (RM 6), Seafood Taufoo (RM 6), Beancurd Skin (RM 5), Lotus Root (RM 6), Pork Intestine (RM 10), and other vegetables were here to balance up our steamboat!

Eating their signature handmade meatballs is my happiest time on that night! Will I be back? Definitely a must with a thumb up!  Dian Huo Xin Wo is awesome enough with their quality meatballs. You can pay a visit when you crave for steamboat, it is worth to try!
Log on to Dian Huo Xin Wo to know more.

Dian Huo Xin Wo (点火心窝)

19, Jalan SS4D/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(603) 7887 4557 or (012) 296 3886
Opening Hour: 5 pm - 11 pm (Daily)

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