Seeties : We dare you to JUMP!

December 03, 2014

Seeties is officially public on 3rd of December! For your information, you can explore the best local gems everywhere you go in Seeties. You will be empowered to personalise your own discovery experience by choosing what you like in your feeds such as Art & Entertainment, Food $ Drink, Beauty & Fashion, Outdoor & Sport, Culture & Landmark and so on.

And now, Seeties has something special for you today! They are launching nationwide JUMP contest. Yes, you see it right, it's the first time EVER in Malaysia for a start up to throw this type of campaign!

How does JUMP work?
Seeties is giving away seven (7) FREE skydiving adventures, each of them worth RM 3,000! OMG! So crazy weyyy! Just like Seeties - crazy, daring, exciting! You can feel the air on your face and see Malaysia from completely new perspective.

How to win?
1. Log in with your Seeties account at here. If you have not yet registered, visit Seeties.

2. Upload a selfie of your "Jump Face" through Seeties JUMP page. (Just imagine yourself falling down from the plane. Be creative!)
3. Share your JumpFace on Facebook and invite your friends to vote, as many as you can but limited to one vote per day.

Seven (7) participants who receive the most votes by 3rd January 2015 win a FREE skydiving!
Are you excited with this JUMP campaign too? Let's participate now!

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