Review: Wetzel's Pretzels x Worthy Book

December 16, 2014

Hi peeps! Do you know that Worthy Book FnB Edition is back? Have no idea what Worthy Book is? For your information, Worthy Book is a voucher booklet with freebies, discounts, and deals at some of the Malaysia's most popular spots or shopping mall. You may see it at all major bookstores like MPH, Popular, Borders, Times, Kinokuniya, and in Malaysia.

For this FnB Edition 2014-2015 however, it has a total of 180 food vouchers which can be redeemed over 100 Shopping Malls across Malaysia. It features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Malaysia, for example Domino's, Sushi Tei, Carl's Jr, myBurgerLab, Sushi King, and more! I know right, we always hunt for food but it is hard enough to decide which restaurants we want to go, what food we want to eat, especially when you are hungry! Thus, we can have more choices to choose now with this guide book! If you have follow my Instagram @colney, then you might know about this already. Before that, let's have a quick look on this FnB Edition first!

You can see the content is divided into 4 categories - by states, area, category, and mall.
It is easier for us to choose the food by different categories!

Cafe/ Bakery? They have!

Chinese cuisine? They have!

Dessert? They have!

Japanese cuisine? They have too!

This is my first eat at Wetzel's Pretzels! It is a California-based food & beverage chain with a super-premium hot and fresh pretzels and refreshing lemonade. Opened its first store at Sunway Pyramid in June 2014, second store at The Gardens, Mid Valley on October, and of course more stores are coming soon!

Step 1 : Just flip your Worthy Book and see which one you are craving for.
Step 2 : Tear it and show it to the people.
Step 3 : You can now redeem your voucher! Simple as that!

Wetzel's Pretzels, The Gardens, Mid Valley.
Buy any one (1) Wetzel Dog and get a second one for 50% OFF

There are many pretzels are waiting for me! Maybe next time?

Taadaa! Here it is!

Awww! Melted cheese!

This is my Cheese Dog!

Can you see how juicy they are?

Did you know that Wetzel's Pretzel hotdogs uses German suasages? Yes, they are that premium, giant in size, and definitely HALAL! Fresh baked pretzel wrapped around succulent premium German sausage, topped with melted cheese. I just can't resist it, go and try it then you will know how juicy the sausages are. Irresistable! I felt so full after had one of these Cheese Dogs! Thanks to Worthy Book for introducing me this worthy food, I am satisfied with a big stomach and of course loving Worthy Book as well because of its 180 food vouchers. Oppss! Am I talk too much? How about you? Want to own a Worthy Book also? Click the below links to know more.


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