Review: MarvellousEGG.Co at Mid Valley Megamall

December 26, 2014

Third floor at Mid Valley Megamall.

I think most of the people love to eat egg and the newest MarvellousEGG.Co opens its first flagship kiosk at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur in mid December 2014! It celebrates the joy and simplicity of foods which is the egg! Their signature Egg Pops is a healthy and wholesome way to fuel our day in a marvellous way!

Just choose your M-Stick and the sauce you want!

This is how they make your stick in their tubular pop-up cooker!

Chicken Frankfurter with cheesy cheese!

I just can't resist egg!

The novelty of eggs on stick makes me crave for it everyday! I love this so much! As a snack, you can consume and enjoy them immediately right after you purchase. You can see the eggs pour into the vertical heating chambers to cook. Each stick rises on its own is just too cute and my stick of omelette roll was wrapped around the sausage with cheesy cheese sauce! Marvellous enough! You all should give it a try too!

Do you want a FREE M-Stick?
Come and get yours as a Christmas pressie from MarvellousEggCo.

Till then, thanks for reading!
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MarvellousEGG.Co Website

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