Review: Eu Yan Sang Puri5

October 05, 2014

I find that there are tons of detox drinks in the market. Many of them are quite "good" taste and make me feel like wanna run to the toilet all day long, quite bad huh? However, I found Eu Yan Sang Puri5 recently (It is a gift from my friends actually.). I can say that it is awesome enough from the taste to the function! It smells great and of course taste so nice.
Puri5 is made from selected fruits, cereals, vegetables and algae that are able to keep the body clean internally. Rich in Oligosaccharides, Apple Powder, and others to promote digestion and absorption. It can protect our body by preventing the accumulation of toxins and cellular damage. Not only this, but also neutralise threats caused by environment pollution to the body. It adds more fiber to your diet to refresh your body and improve overall well-being.

Puri5 in 11g sachet.

You only need to consume 1-2 times per day. One sachet each time, 15 minutes before you have your breakfast or before you sleep. Prepare a shaker is better. Pour one sachet powder into the shaker with 180 ml of drinking water. Shake well and drink immediately! You may experience frequent need to relieve yourself after consuming the product. Individual experience may vary, but for me, it is okay, it does not happen to me.

Prepare a shaker!

The texture of the powder.

Just pour the powder into the shaker with 180 ml of water.

It is something like this.

It is awesome as I said and of course with a good taste! You all can try it also. ♥
Puri5 (10 sachet) : RM 58 | RM 55.10 (Member Price)
Puri5 (30 sachet) : RM 138 | RM 131.10 (Member Price)
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Till then, xoxo.

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