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Thursday, September 4, 2014

20 Facts about Me

Since everyone playing this "20 facts about me" stuff, I am going to post mine at here too!
I think most people thought they know me but honestly, they just assume too much on me.
Do not judge a book but its cover, same goes to me. Muahahahaha! *I won't bite*

20 facts about me:
1. Zhi Qing (Qing pronounce as "King".)
2. Colney (This name is given to me by my dad.)
3. Birthday: 17th September (coming soon) and yes, I am a typical Virgo.
4. So, I am a perfectionist (sometimes), I am a neat freak as I will arrange things as neat as possible.
5. I love my dog. Her name is Momo, she came into my life since 2007.
6. I love to see guys who wear a pair of nice shoes.
7. I love to watch cartoon, especially The Powerpuff Girls, that's why I always switch to Disney Channel while others are watching drama.
8. Talking about drama, I love to watch HK TVB series drama when I was young, and I love to watch "Swipe Tap Love" 爱我请留言 the most.
9. I love to read and probably spend more money on books than clothing.
10. I love handwriting letters in the mail.

11. I join a half Marathon event and it coming very soon, but due to my health condition, I have to reconsider about it because I don't wish to see others worry about me.
12. I will faint easily because of the hypotension a.k.a. low blood pressure, but it only need treated if it is causing symptoms.
13. Coffee can upset my stomach, I will get stomach cramps and a rumbling in my stomach because of its acidity. But I love to drink Latte, I love it so muchhh.
14. I am a bit obsessed with anything in pink and adorable, that's why I love HelloKitty (ohmygoshh! HelloKitty is a human?!)
15. I can cry for anything, anytime, anywhere.
16. I am easily to get over excited. If you know me well, you will see how crazy I am. 

17. I prefer the outdoor activities over the bored indoor games. I like to walk, run and jump anytime, anywhere.
18. Please give me a deserted beach, rural countryside, a long cabin in the woods, with a perfect sunrise and sunset.
19. I love to eat, anything! Yes, any food!
20. I believe in karma, that's why I always ask others to do good and treat me nicely, if not.. *evil face*

What else? My height? Oh NO! =x

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