Review: Gold Coast Morib Resort, Sepang (Part 1)

June 01, 2014

Gold Coast Morib, Sepang!

Since there is an online package for this Gold Coast Morib Resort, I had my little short trip to Gold Coast Morib on last year. We just can't say NO to the 2D1N stay in Studio Suite with Private Jacuzzi and of course the Water Theme Park Passes! But, actually..  Let's the photos below tell you the stories!

After one hour plus drive from KL, we finally reached the Gold Coast Morib Resort!

Checked in with the front desk service and went to the Studio Suite after that. The first thing we did after we enter the room is check the Jacuzzi, see whether it is function well as they are many people/ customers complained about this thing before. Other than that, the resort is quite good in service and the room is big enough with their facilities.

For your information, Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park Resort is equipped with outdoor swimming pool with water slide, has a modern suites with private balconies. Each air-conditioned suites are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer, and a private bathroom with a spa bath tub.

Room 3146.

With 2 single bed.

Coffee maker and fridge with a full-length-mirror-wardrobe.

Flat screen satellite TV.

Hair dryer.

Basic needs.

Simple basin.

Toilet bowl is a must!

The main character in the bathroom!

With a huge shower head!

Quite big right?


With a "not that  good" view.

Water Theme Park!

The beach!

Can you see those tiny crabs?

You can have a drink at The Pier.

An hour plus drive from Kuala Lumpur, still consider quite far for me also. What I like the most is the en-suite Jacuzzi which offering private bubbles baths. Other than this, Hmm.. Hotel maintenance not really good as the facilities were dirty overall. The foul smell lingering in the air wherever you go because the resort is so close to where chickens feed and poop. Besides, the brownish waters.. I will never go and jump into the sea to play or swim. It is just so yuckkk! You know what? The Pier only sells snacks or fried rice with a higher price. Since there are lack of good dining choices, we have buffet package, thus we dine in in the resort restaurant. To be continue.. 

Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park Resort
PT 294, Kawasan Kanchong Laut, Mukim Morib, 42700 Banting, Selangor.
Contact : (603) 3198 1028

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