Review: Gold Coast Morib Resort, Sepang (Part 2)

June 04, 2014

Continue the second part..

The dining area at Endah Kopitiam in the resort. Buffet package included dinner and breakfast buffet. The area is quite big actually, maybe it is weekday, so there are many spaces and not really have many people out there. We do not need to queue up and enjoy the food. With the low price of this package, I would say that the food is satisfied but not really that nice. Beware! This is a food post! *evil smile* Let's the photos below tell you the story.

The dining area.

Take whatever you want.



Stemboat area.

Eat as much as you can.

Chicken rice.


Fried Kuey Teoy!


Above pictures is the dinner buffet.
I woke up so early in the morning to have my breakfast buffet.
There are many people in the next morning, but I still manage to take the food without worrying.
Just had some of them as I will have other foods after check out the hotel.

Milk, Mango juice and Orange juice.

Cereal, my all time favorite! ♥

Dim sum and some western style food.

Croissant and salad.

Nasi Lemak also!


After checked out, we went to the Restoran Asam Batu Laut to enjoy Chinese food as others recommend this restaurant have a good quality tasty food with affordable price. Here we go! =)

Very huge restaurant!

I like this so much! My all time favorite!

Three dishes!

The famous Taufu!

Salty Egg York Prawn Mantis! ♥

Fried cuttlefish.

This restaurant is recommended for you all to have a really nice food when you are having a trip around here, Tanjung Sepat and Morib. After had our early lunch, we walk around at Tanjung Sepat and having some snacks before we going back to KL.

Click here to view Hai Yew Heng.

Tanjung Sepat Famous Chips!

Ice-cream for the last! 

This is my trip to Morib Beach and Tanjung Sepat, how about you?
Thanks for reading guys! xoxo
Gold Coast Morib Water Theme Park Resort
PT 294, Kawasan Kanchong Laut, Mukim Morib, 42700 Banting, Selangor.
Contact : (603) 3198 1028

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