Sushi Mentai Japanese Restaurant, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

May 11, 2014

Sushi RM 1.80 on the belt.

Food porn everywhere! You know what, I was attracted by the words on the banner (Everything is RM 1.80 on the belt) when I first saw Sushi Mentai (寿司明太) in 2013. Walk in with my curious heart, and yes it is, every sushi on the belt is RM 1.80, so, you no need to care about the plate colour like what you did at other Japanese Restaurants.

But, when I visit Sushi Mentai again in 2014, it becomes..
       RM 1.80 - Pink Plate, and
RM 2.80 - Red Plate.

Anyway, let's see some photos first, I will explain to you all after this.

Sushi Mentai menu.

Random photo.

Sushi Sushi Sushi.

Mr Salmon Sushi.

My all time favorite - Tamago Sushi.

Pink plate for RM 1.80 starts!

Pink Vs Red.

Verdict : 4 out of 10.
Talk about the environment first, it is simple and nothing special. I know this is not the important part but yes I feel like the space is big but empty. Talk about the hygiene now, I am a clean freak, I will be very unhappy when I see there are some dirt on the table. I can smell some dishwashing-detergent on the table (Means.. They clean and rub the table already), but still left some dirt at there, same goes to the plate. The service here is okay laaa, can't complain much. I used to order sushi instead of take them from the belt to make sure the freshness of the sushi. How about you?

Talk about the quality of food, as you can see the above photo - Tamago Sushi, which is my all time favorite. Have you notice the colour of the tamago (egg in Japanese)? When I first saw it, I feel like it mix with water and become plain like this? This is what I think laaa.  But it is tasteless. T_T That's why I add so much of wasabi and soy sauce on the sushi when I eat them. Well.. Wasabi, another talking point, I never feel that disappointed before, you will know the quality of wasabi is not that great if you have try them before. When the price from "All sushi is RM 1.80 on the belt" to "Red & Pink Plate", but the quality of food still the same with no any improvement, you know what I am saying?

Sorry for complaining so much! But this is what I feel laaa.
I have tried their main dish before too, such as Saba Teriyaki and Curry Katsu Don. I think that it is okay laaa if you want to eat their fish with affordable price. Actually the price is affordable if compare to other Japanese Restaurants. =x That's it.

Updated (15/10/5015)
Mahkota Cheras branch had closed and another Sushi Mentai is operating in Mahkota Cheras starting from September 2015. The shop is right opposite Sang Kee Restaurant.

The Saba fish is okay laa, not bad!

Sushi Mentai @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras
49, Jln Temenggung 11/9, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Business Hour : 11.30 am - 10.30 pm
Contact : (603) 9543 9343

Other outlets : 1. Square One Mall, Batu Pahat Johor.
                          2. Avenue Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan.
                     3. Pearl Avenue, Sungai Chua Kajang.
                      4. Equine Boulevard, Seri Kembangan.
            5. Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, KL.
                             6. Dataran 3 Two Square, Petaling Jaya KL.

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  1. Tamago taste great, Sushi Mentai just worth the time and money. Only drawback their takoyaki took so long to cook and not fast enough to make California rolls as ordered.

  2. I went to their Seremban 2 outlet one evening & found that their RM1.80 per plate promotion was just a scam. There were very few plates on the belt and most of it the same. But when one of the staff's friends came, the chefs started making a lot more sushi. We thought these would be placed on the belt but guess what? These were only served to the staff's friends table. We left still very hungry and went to a mamak restaurant nearby to fill out stomach.

  3. Mahkota Cheras branch had closed.


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